Tuesday, 1 October 2013

October CTC and Challenge Series Round Two

Its that time again where we motivate ourselves to get involved in more individual monthly challenges.

Last month saw us float two boats into the rankings for the September Cross Team Challenge with three partially filled boats due to the lack of either female or lightweight rowers. We had a great ETT presence on the leader board and for future CTC's we now need to co-ordinate the combination of rowers to ensure we float more boats into the points rankings this month.

Well done to those who took part, here are the final standings for the1k session:

Position Name Sex Boat Result Pace Power
30 Espen Holm M Empty the Tanks I   3:08.6    1:34.3  417.4
54 Mark Bower M Empty the Tanks I   3:11.4    1:35.7  399.3
55 Bouke Dieleman M Empty the Tanks I   3:11.6    1:35.8  398.1
154 Rob Drury m Empty the Tanks I   3:28.7    1:44.4  308
340 Caroline Joynson f Empty the Tanks I   4:23.3    2:11.7  153.4
90 Joseph Smyntek M Empty the Tanks II   3:17.5    1:38.8  363.5
127 Richard Young M Empty the Tanks II   3:24.0    1:42.0  329.8
157 Lucas Nightingale M Empty the Tanks II   3:29.2    1:44.6  305.8
312 Paul Merhib m Empty the Tanks II   4:08.1    2:04.1  183.3
345 Karine Girod f Empty the Tanks II   4:31.6    2:15.8  139.8
179 Norman Haas M Empty the Tanks III   3:33.4    1:46.7  288.1
182 Jonathan Turns ETT M Empty the Tanks III   3:34.7    1:47.4  282.9
193 edward jackson M Empty the Tanks III   3:35.7    1:47.9  279
357 maeve drury F Empty the Tanks III   4:58.5    2:29.3  105.3
201 Ian Clegg M Empty the Tanks IV   3:36.8    1:48.4  274.8
221 Phil Nolan M Empty the Tanks IV   3:40.5    1:50.3  261.2
251 Mike Bode M Empty the Tanks IV   3:48.2    1:54.1  235.6
366 Claire Nolan F Empty the Tanks IV   6:20.6    3:10.3  50.8
295 Jim Moldenhauer M Empty the Tanks V   4:00.0    2:00.0  202.5
308 Mark Kaehler M Empty the Tanks V   4:06.7    2:03.4  186.5
328 Phil Yates M Empty the Tanks V   4:14.0    2:07.0  170.9

The October Challenge is the 100th CTC and has been set by the Forum Flyers in memory of one of their team mates Gaye McOnie. The October session is an unrestricted 3861 metres that represents 1% of Gaye's lifetime metres.

Round Two of the Challenge Series is a mile distance (1609 metres)

The ETT Mini-League results for the Challenge Series after round one is as follows:

Pos. Name R1 Total
1 Mark Bower 100 100
2 Richard Young 99.02 99.02
3 Joseph Smyntek 98.05 98.05
4 Beat Emch 93.16 93.16
5 Rob Drury 92.59 92.59
6 Lucas Nightingale 92.18 92.18
7 Jonathan Turns 90.47 90.47
8 Ian Clegg 89.17 89.17
9 Ed Saunders 84.36 84.36
10 Jim Moldenhauer 81.43 81.43
11 Paul Merhib 81.11 81.11
12 Caroline Joynson 75.65 75.65
13 Mark Kaehler 71.74 71.74


  1. Sorry team, I did not check the CTC mucj for September as I did not want to pull something after been on holiday for 2 weeks. If I had known we were lacking some lightweights, I would have rowed a easy1K, just to get us some more points. I will definitely put in the effort for October CTC. As for the Fall Challenge, a little behind my target of 300 k for the challenge, however I am determined to break 300 k in prep for the Holiday Challenge. Keep on erging.

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  4. Caroline, I had erroneously left off my club on my Challenge Series profile, I have now amended this. I hadn't realised until I saw my name was missing from the list you produced!

    So that you don't need to look it up my metres were 1075, which gave me 83.92 in the 50 -59 male section

    As for lightweights, I tried to get my step son to have a go just to float another boat, but to no avail! The rest of my family do not share my enthusiasm for rowing unfortunately.

  5. Hi Phil,
    I am the same with family and friends now - if I even mention a lack of boats floated in the CTC they just start mumbling, singing loudly or just walking off as if they haven't heard anything....