Thursday, 31 October 2013

Happy Halloween!

Wishing you all a ghoulish and gruesome halloween this year!

I have spent most of the week looking like the undead after a hard-core bought of intensive DIY. Removing a ceiling is VERY dusty work giving me attractive grey-hued dusty hair, blood-shot eyes and general cuts and grazes on my hands. Luckily the worst of it has been completed today - tomorrow RIP-ping up a wooden floor!

The following team mates completed the Rowing Company's Skeleton Challenge of rowing 31,000 metres since the 25th October.

Joseph Smyntek 33,850
Rainer Saad 31,000
Paul Merhib 51,709
Mark Kaehler 31,174
Caroline Joynson 31,665
Steve Hull 33,291
Wayne Hollinshead 31,001
Leslie Fox 31,605
John Fewtrell 70,000
Rob Drury 31,236
John Digweed 38,679
Bouke Dieleman 38,349
Mike Bode 43,587


  1. Just a quickie, to add Joseph Smyntek and myself to the above list - regards to all ETTers - Rob D

  2. Looks like 3 more of us completed the challenge before the challenge deadline, but after you published your list:

    Joseph Smyntek Royal Oak  MI  USA  33850
    Rainer Saad Tallinn    EST  31000
    Paul Merhib Kailua Kona  Hi  USA  51709
    Mark Kaehler Seattle  WA  USA  31174
    Caroline Joynson London    GBR  31665
    Steve Hull Vancouver  WA  USA  33291
    Wayne Hollinshead Barry    GBR  31001
    Leslie Fox Darlington  GBR  31605
    John Fewtrell Ekeren    BEL  70000
    Rob Drury Maidstone  Kent GBR  31236
    John Digweed Santiago  RM  CHL  38679
    Bouke Dieleman Antwerpen    BEL  38349
    Mike Bode Stillwater  OK  USA  43587

  3. Hi All - I will update the list tomorrow - I sometimes miss people out due to time zone differences etc.. ; )