Sunday, 20 October 2013

FTC 2013 Summary

Although the FTC 2013 finished on Tuesday it seems like ages ago now! I thought you might like to look at a few statistics and data analysis from the challenge.

We had a healthy sized team with 53 members which took us just into the largest team size category of 'virtual teams with 51 or more members'. In this category we achieved 8th place out of 15 teams.

This is an excellent finishing place as you can see that we are definitely pulling our weight with these big teams! If you ranked us by average metres per team member we would be in 3rd place!

As for the final position in the overall rankings, we achieved 9th place out of 268 teams. We rowed 8,096,956 metres which is our best cumulative result in fifteen C2 competitions.

Individual contributions to the team shows some impressive team mate dedication.

  • Three team mates rowed over 700k; extremely hard-core guys: Rob 735,001, Matt L 719,192 and Rainer 701,465
  • Beat rowed 424,147
  • Three team mates rowed over 300k; Fred 363,273, Paul M 327,027 and Diggy, 311,326
  • Eight team mates rowed over 200k; Mike B 250,680, Andy S 228,494, Bouke 228,126, Craig W 225,517, Joe S 208,046, Darren 207,692, Tim 205,717 and John B 201,059
  • Twelve team mates rowed over 100k; Mike F 182, 799, Tim W 177,334, Caroline 176,071, Mark K 170,022, John D 160,000, Phil N 153,760 Michael S 153,264 Hector 142,950, John F 122,483, Jonathan T 121,483, Edward 120,500 and Mike S 100,00.
  • Eight team mates rowed over 50k; Jim M 96,648, Jean 90,000, Maeve 90,000, Xavier 84,599, Wayne 65,671, Norman 64,910, Ric 64,759 and Lucas 60,597
  • Sixteen team mates rowed between 1,000 and 45,000 metres; John G 45,362, Birgit 45,000, Karine 42,059, Phil Y 40,000, Ian 38,696, Gunter 30,000, Preston 28,210, John S 19,157, Dave W 18,324, Diana 15,488, Bastian 10,000, Matt B 9,000, Esa 8,306, Mark B 8,022, Chris G 4,000 and Claire 1,016.


  1. Thanks, Carolyn, for breaking it down and for keeping us going through the challenge. Back to the lovely rower, that hateful thing (see what it does to a person). Mike F.

  2. Thank you Caroline, your blog has been informative and very useful.

  3. Cheers guys! thanks for all your dedication, team-work and energy!