Friday, 4 October 2013

FTC 2013 Days 19 and 20

We are closing in on the third week of competition and we have had a fantastic run (row) of things over the past twenty days.

16 team mates have rowed triple digit metres with some guys at the top of the team putting in some impressive numbers.

We need to say a big thank you to the rest of the ETT'ers who put in metres everyday - we wouldn't be in the top ten if it wasn't for your contribution to the teams total metres too!

The total for today is: 4,691,594 metres


  1. Hi Caroline,
    My wife and I have spent the last year volunteering in Africa and traveling through Asia. My rowing has been intermittent. We are back now and I'm glad to be able to add 50k to to the ETT total. It has been very hard re-starting.
    John F

  2. Wow - great to have you back with us John! I bet you have some amazing stories about your volunteering in Africa and travels in Asia. Thanks for the 50k and don't worry it will get easier...

  3. When does it get easier? Mike F

  4. OK I lied. It doesn't get easier - I was trying to ease John F back into it.......