Monday, 7 October 2013

FTC 2013 Day 23

We have got some knock out numbers from our hardcore ergers! As a team we have reached over 5,500,000 metres which has firmly placed us in 9th position out of 267 teams.

Just under half of the team have reached the 100k club, with Diggy, Paul M, Fred R with over 200k, Beat and Rainer with over 400k and the undisputed ETT champion of the FTC 2013 (so far) Rob D with 500k!!

Keep rowing hard folks we are in the finishing straight.....


  1. Honour to whom honour is due: Rainer is over 400k not me (hope so at the end of the challenge)

    Let's erg hard for keeping the 9th position until the end of the challenge!

    Best regards, Beat

  2. OOpps Sorry about that Beat - late night Team Captain error there!

  3. Fantastic effort team and hats off to Rob with the half a million metres with Matt and Rainer just metres behind ! I'm with Beat, erg hard and let's keep our 9th place, it is us or Team NAS Pensacola, just a few 100k between the teams.

  4. Great blog - amazing numbers - makes me proud to be part of this group.

    Mark K

  5. Matt and Rob are already in half million meter club, great accomplishment! Looking forward to arrive there.So the last week has begun, good rowing everyone!

  6. Lets get this thing nailed people!! 9th place please ; )