Saturday, 12 October 2013

FTC 2013 28 Days later...

You might well be feeling like a zombie after four weeks of continuous erging but on the positive side we are nearing the end of the 2013 Fall Team Challenge with only three more days to make a difference!

I have been so impressed by the dedication and commitment from all participating members of the team during this challenge and have enjoyed the banter and encouragement from you on the blog and Facebook.

In numbers we have rowed an average of 250k a day; so with that in mind we should hopefully reach around 7,700,000 metres by the close of competition on Tuesday 15th October.

Are you planning on any extra metres / special erg session for the finale of the FTC 2013? 
I am going to stick to several short mid-distance intervals this weekend to boost my metres.

Do any team mates in the top ten have any tips they would like to share as to how they are pulling in such big numbers?

We are still in 9th place out of 268 teams and have rowed over 6,947,000 metres in 28 days!


  1. Hi Caroline - There's no magic approach to reaching high targets - its just a matter of how much time you can make available and what pace to row at in order to complete the month 'without going out of your head'. I do use the first week to get my marathon ranking for the year (one 42k at a reasonable pace is enough for me). I struggle with cramp after a couple of hours, so, in past years I've completed these challenges with workouts of 25 - 30k, but for this FTC I've broken the distance into intervals - 15 & 8k lumps - result - no sore rear end & my spirits have been good all month. I think its just about what suits the individual. Keep strong & hold on for the next couple of days..... Rob D

  2. Hi,

    Can’t believe FTC is almost over. For the last 4 weeks I’ve been carrying sports bag to work every day. I don’t have an erg at home, so I go to the gym after work. I have never had such a long contest, so it has been something new to me. And I like it.

    For tips, eat healthy and sleep well. When you row every day long distances, you don’t have to row excellent times. My times are usually 2.10-2.20/500 meters. If I try to row excellent times, then I couldn’t row the next day. So I would sit on erg longer time, but I wouldn’t be so exhausted the next day.

    For rowing, I don’t know any magic technique tip, but try to breathe in rhytm. It will help to retain more energy. Also, have yourself some „motivation checkpoints” – drink water after some certain distance (like if you row 30km, then have a pause at 20 or 15km, then at 10 or 5 km).

    In gym, there might be some TV’s to keep boredom away. Beside TV, I have an MP3 player. I don’t know, what’s the best rowing music, but I usually listen Armin Van Buuren and his „A State of Trance” – it’s energetic and usually one episode lasts 2 hours.

    For staying on erg longer than 2 hours, you have to be patient. Music, TV, „motivation checkpoints” usually help to keep boredom away. And also – you don’t have to keep an eye on erg monitor all the time :) Just enjoy your workout.

  3. I try and row 10k every day, which at my pace of 2:25 takes just under 50 minutes, which is about a long TV programme on BBC iPlayer (the things Brits miss when living away from home). Where it hurts for me is missing a day and having to try and catch up the 20k today was a 12k and 8 k session, so neither too hard. Tomorrow it will be just grit your teeth and know there is only 2 days left to go :)

  4. For a few years I was rowing on average 10k a day, I think the best I managed was 4m metres for one season, but it came down to having the time to do it. I only tended to row on 3 or 4 days of the week, so that did mean I rowed for 1 to 2+ hours at a time and could be upwards of 30k, but I would break it down into blocks of smaller distances to help, row with eyes closed or play with the numbers as well as TV and music to watch/listen too....anything to try and keep the boredom at bay. I haven't had the same amount of time/inclination for a few years, though it's starting to get better again....must have been joining ETT that's done it (-:

  5. Thanks for all your great ideas and tales of endurance / madness.
    I am very proud to have such a dedicated bunch!!

    Only one more day to go - wahooooooooo