Thursday, 31 October 2013

Happy Halloween!

Wishing you all a ghoulish and gruesome halloween this year!

I have spent most of the week looking like the undead after a hard-core bought of intensive DIY. Removing a ceiling is VERY dusty work giving me attractive grey-hued dusty hair, blood-shot eyes and general cuts and grazes on my hands. Luckily the worst of it has been completed today - tomorrow RIP-ping up a wooden floor!

The following team mates completed the Rowing Company's Skeleton Challenge of rowing 31,000 metres since the 25th October.

Joseph Smyntek 33,850
Rainer Saad 31,000
Paul Merhib 51,709
Mark Kaehler 31,174
Caroline Joynson 31,665
Steve Hull 33,291
Wayne Hollinshead 31,001
Leslie Fox 31,605
John Fewtrell 70,000
Rob Drury 31,236
John Digweed 38,679
Bouke Dieleman 38,349
Mike Bode 43,587

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Matthew Pinsent Interview with Priority Sports

Check out this cool little video interview with Matthew Pinsent.

Sunday, 20 October 2013

FTC 2013 Summary

Although the FTC 2013 finished on Tuesday it seems like ages ago now! I thought you might like to look at a few statistics and data analysis from the challenge.

We had a healthy sized team with 53 members which took us just into the largest team size category of 'virtual teams with 51 or more members'. In this category we achieved 8th place out of 15 teams.

This is an excellent finishing place as you can see that we are definitely pulling our weight with these big teams! If you ranked us by average metres per team member we would be in 3rd place!

As for the final position in the overall rankings, we achieved 9th place out of 268 teams. We rowed 8,096,956 metres which is our best cumulative result in fifteen C2 competitions.

Individual contributions to the team shows some impressive team mate dedication.

  • Three team mates rowed over 700k; extremely hard-core guys: Rob 735,001, Matt L 719,192 and Rainer 701,465
  • Beat rowed 424,147
  • Three team mates rowed over 300k; Fred 363,273, Paul M 327,027 and Diggy, 311,326
  • Eight team mates rowed over 200k; Mike B 250,680, Andy S 228,494, Bouke 228,126, Craig W 225,517, Joe S 208,046, Darren 207,692, Tim 205,717 and John B 201,059
  • Twelve team mates rowed over 100k; Mike F 182, 799, Tim W 177,334, Caroline 176,071, Mark K 170,022, John D 160,000, Phil N 153,760 Michael S 153,264 Hector 142,950, John F 122,483, Jonathan T 121,483, Edward 120,500 and Mike S 100,00.
  • Eight team mates rowed over 50k; Jim M 96,648, Jean 90,000, Maeve 90,000, Xavier 84,599, Wayne 65,671, Norman 64,910, Ric 64,759 and Lucas 60,597
  • Sixteen team mates rowed between 1,000 and 45,000 metres; John G 45,362, Birgit 45,000, Karine 42,059, Phil Y 40,000, Ian 38,696, Gunter 30,000, Preston 28,210, John S 19,157, Dave W 18,324, Diana 15,488, Bastian 10,000, Matt B 9,000, Esa 8,306, Mark B 8,022, Chris G 4,000 and Claire 1,016.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

FTC 2013 last day!

Wow. We have definitely rowed our socks off this during this challenge finishing (at this moment in time) in 9th place out of 268 world-wide teams.

We achieved our goal of going for a top ten position and have almost hit our all time metre tally from the FTC 2010 of over 8 million metres - we are only about 70k away of achieving a team PB!!

I will blog about the extremely impressive individual achievements at the weekend. A massive thank you to everybody who has contributed metres; for those injured ETT'ers, thank you for your enthusiastic encouragement and support during your convalescence.

Although I haven't had a chance to blog everyday due to work commitments I really appreciate the comments, page views and genuine support from everybody in ETT.

Thanks everybody for such a brilliant competition! Back for more of the same on the 1st January 2014!? In the meantime go and have some fun / rest / both!! (delete which ever is most applicable).

ETT = 9th out of 268 teams with 7,940,252 metres 

FTC 2013 DONE.

Saturday, 12 October 2013

FTC 2013 28 Days later...

You might well be feeling like a zombie after four weeks of continuous erging but on the positive side we are nearing the end of the 2013 Fall Team Challenge with only three more days to make a difference!

I have been so impressed by the dedication and commitment from all participating members of the team during this challenge and have enjoyed the banter and encouragement from you on the blog and Facebook.

In numbers we have rowed an average of 250k a day; so with that in mind we should hopefully reach around 7,700,000 metres by the close of competition on Tuesday 15th October.

Are you planning on any extra metres / special erg session for the finale of the FTC 2013? 
I am going to stick to several short mid-distance intervals this weekend to boost my metres.

Do any team mates in the top ten have any tips they would like to share as to how they are pulling in such big numbers?

We are still in 9th place out of 268 teams and have rowed over 6,947,000 metres in 28 days!

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

FTC 2013 Days 24 & 25

We are in the final week of competition and we are still holding onto 9th place. We had better not get complacent because our favourite 250+ strong Navy team are only 160k behind us.

Let's go large in the last few days ; )

Monday, 7 October 2013

FTC 2013 Day 23

We have got some knock out numbers from our hardcore ergers! As a team we have reached over 5,500,000 metres which has firmly placed us in 9th position out of 267 teams.

Just under half of the team have reached the 100k club, with Diggy, Paul M, Fred R with over 200k, Beat and Rainer with over 400k and the undisputed ETT champion of the FTC 2013 (so far) Rob D with 500k!!

Keep rowing hard folks we are in the finishing straight.....

Boat two floated in Oct CTC

Wow! Great news ETT'ers we have two boats floated in the points rankings in the first week of the October Cross Team Challenge. Ten team mates have entered a time for the 3861 metres set by Forum Flyers.

Let's make this month count and get four more boats floated to set a new ETT record - we can do it!

5 pts
Empty the Tanks I15:21.8
Bouke Dieleman (H) 13:40.7 mins
Beat Emch (H) 14:09.2
edward jackson (H) 15:21.6
Rob Drury (L) 15:54.1
Caroline Joynson (F) 17:43.6

1 pt
Empty the Tanks II18:05.8
Phil Nolan (H) 15:42.0
Mark Kaehler (H) 17:39.9
David Bass (H) 19:29.1
Diggy (L) 17:12.5
maeve drury (F) 20:25.6

Sunday, 6 October 2013

FTC 2013 Days 21 and 22

Yahoo! We have moved into 9th place in the FTC rankings with 400k on the team below us which happens to be our US Navy friends at Team NAS Pensacola!

A great start to the final stretch of the competition and let's hope we can maintain 9th place for the next 9 days.

Congratulations to the following team mates for such dedication to the challenge:

1 Rob Drury 481,776
2 Rainer Saad 441,440
3 Matt Longman 387,619
4 Beat Emch 300,092
5 Fred Rogers 256,156
6 Paul Merhib 212,869
7 John Digweed 210,913
8 Bouke Dieleman 197,079
9 Craig Waugh 164,151
10 Andy Soyring 159,487
11 Mike Bode 152,191
12 John Betts 131,410
13 Mark Kaehler 120,581
14 Joseph Smyntek 115,977
15 Phil Nolan 111,748
16 tim johnson 111,062
17 Caroline Joynson 110,116
18 John Dunn 110,000
19 Darren Whetton 107,692
20 Michael Siers 107,282
21 Mike Fogel 98,168
22 Tim Williams 90,067
23 Mike Schnell 86,365
24 Jim Moldenhauer 78,577
25 Edward Jackson 76,000
26 John Fewtrell 62,483
27 hector m guerrero villa 60,169
28 Jonathan Turns 59,258
29 xavier harduin 57,389
30 Richard Young 56,667
31 Jean Curran 53,350
32 Maeve Drury 48,902
33 Wayne Hollinshead 45,529
34 John Giles 45,362
35 Karine Girod 42,059
36 Phil Yates 40,000
37 Birgit Longman 40,000
38 Ian Clegg 38,696
39 Norman Haas 33,535
40 Lucas Nightingale 31,514
41 G√ľnter Timmermann 30,000
42 John Silverberg 19,157
43 Preston Zale 16,781
44 Diana Fogel 12,238
45 Bastian Schnitzhofer 10,000
46 Esa Lahnakoski 8,306
47 Mark Bower 8,022
48 Matthew Brewster 7,000
49 Chris Gore 4,000
50 Dave Williams 1,303
51 Claire Nolan 1,016

Saturday, 5 October 2013

October CTC boat one floated!

We have made a brilliant start to this month's Cross Team Challenge with the first boat in second position in the points rankings.

Bouke, Mark K, Rob D, Diggy, Maeve and Dave B have all rowed the 3861 metres required for this challenge - great stuff folks.
I will join you tomorrow and hope we can get boat two floated next week.

# Name Cat Team Result Pace Power
13 Bouke Dieleman M ETT 1  13:40.7    1:46.3  291.5
60 Rob Drury m ETT 1  15:54.1    2:03.6  185.6
71 Diggy m ETT 1  17:12.5    2:13.7  146.4
76 Mark Kaehler M ETT 1  17:39.9    2:17.3  135.4
79 maeve drury F ETT 1  20:25.6    2:38.7  87.5
77 David Bass M ETT 2  19:29.1    2:31.4  100.9

Friday, 4 October 2013

FTC 2013 Days 19 and 20

We are closing in on the third week of competition and we have had a fantastic run (row) of things over the past twenty days.

16 team mates have rowed triple digit metres with some guys at the top of the team putting in some impressive numbers.

We need to say a big thank you to the rest of the ETT'ers who put in metres everyday - we wouldn't be in the top ten if it wasn't for your contribution to the teams total metres too!

The total for today is: 4,691,594 metres

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

FTC 2013 Day 18

WOOAhhh!! We have shot straight past Team NAS into 9th place today which is fantastic news. Nice work ETT'ers.

We are about 300k ahead of the Navy ergers but as we know with all team competitions things could change... so keep on rowing strong.

Here is an overview of individual contributions - with our stronghold of Rob, Matt and Rainer in the top three slots and eleven team mates in the 100k or 200k club already!

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

FTC 2013 Day 16 and 17

We have maintained our top ten slot over the past two days and have clocked up nearly 4 million metres between us! Not bad going for a team that only has 53 members rowing their socks off!

Keep up the awesome work ETT'ers and as usual will do a more detailed analysis of our progress this weekend.

October CTC and Challenge Series Round Two

Its that time again where we motivate ourselves to get involved in more individual monthly challenges.

Last month saw us float two boats into the rankings for the September Cross Team Challenge with three partially filled boats due to the lack of either female or lightweight rowers. We had a great ETT presence on the leader board and for future CTC's we now need to co-ordinate the combination of rowers to ensure we float more boats into the points rankings this month.

Well done to those who took part, here are the final standings for the1k session:

Position Name Sex Boat Result Pace Power
30 Espen Holm M Empty the Tanks I   3:08.6    1:34.3  417.4
54 Mark Bower M Empty the Tanks I   3:11.4    1:35.7  399.3
55 Bouke Dieleman M Empty the Tanks I   3:11.6    1:35.8  398.1
154 Rob Drury m Empty the Tanks I   3:28.7    1:44.4  308
340 Caroline Joynson f Empty the Tanks I   4:23.3    2:11.7  153.4
90 Joseph Smyntek M Empty the Tanks II   3:17.5    1:38.8  363.5
127 Richard Young M Empty the Tanks II   3:24.0    1:42.0  329.8
157 Lucas Nightingale M Empty the Tanks II   3:29.2    1:44.6  305.8
312 Paul Merhib m Empty the Tanks II   4:08.1    2:04.1  183.3
345 Karine Girod f Empty the Tanks II   4:31.6    2:15.8  139.8
179 Norman Haas M Empty the Tanks III   3:33.4    1:46.7  288.1
182 Jonathan Turns ETT M Empty the Tanks III   3:34.7    1:47.4  282.9
193 edward jackson M Empty the Tanks III   3:35.7    1:47.9  279
357 maeve drury F Empty the Tanks III   4:58.5    2:29.3  105.3
201 Ian Clegg M Empty the Tanks IV   3:36.8    1:48.4  274.8
221 Phil Nolan M Empty the Tanks IV   3:40.5    1:50.3  261.2
251 Mike Bode M Empty the Tanks IV   3:48.2    1:54.1  235.6
366 Claire Nolan F Empty the Tanks IV   6:20.6    3:10.3  50.8
295 Jim Moldenhauer M Empty the Tanks V   4:00.0    2:00.0  202.5
308 Mark Kaehler M Empty the Tanks V   4:06.7    2:03.4  186.5
328 Phil Yates M Empty the Tanks V   4:14.0    2:07.0  170.9

The October Challenge is the 100th CTC and has been set by the Forum Flyers in memory of one of their team mates Gaye McOnie. The October session is an unrestricted 3861 metres that represents 1% of Gaye's lifetime metres.

Round Two of the Challenge Series is a mile distance (1609 metres)

The ETT Mini-League results for the Challenge Series after round one is as follows:

Pos. Name R1 Total
1 Mark Bower 100 100
2 Richard Young 99.02 99.02
3 Joseph Smyntek 98.05 98.05
4 Beat Emch 93.16 93.16
5 Rob Drury 92.59 92.59
6 Lucas Nightingale 92.18 92.18
7 Jonathan Turns 90.47 90.47
8 Ian Clegg 89.17 89.17
9 Ed Saunders 84.36 84.36
10 Jim Moldenhauer 81.43 81.43
11 Paul Merhib 81.11 81.11
12 Caroline Joynson 75.65 75.65
13 Mark Kaehler 71.74 71.74