Sunday, 1 September 2013

The Rowing Company Challenge Series 13/14

As a couple of you predicted the C2 Challenge Series has been re-named and is now known as The Rowing Company Challenge Series - really original title.....

The September Challenge will be the O'Neill Fitness Test that is a straight forward 4 minute row.

Follow the link to register for the Rowing Company Challenge Series 2013/14 here
If you have participated in previous challenges you will just need to log-in with your details when uploading your results.

Good luck everybody!

Don't forget to join the Empty the Tanks mini league once you are registered so we can see how fellow ETT'ers are getting on.

Did you see the World Rowing Championships 2013? Check it out on BBC iplayer.

*** Stop Press: The website is still referring to the 12/13 series so it looks like we will have to hold fire on this challenge until mid-September***


  1. I think the TRC site is still referring to 2012 as it says there's no session to register for, unless I'm looking in the wrong place? Apparently it will happen though, see here:

  2. 2013 challenge is now online!