Friday, 27 September 2013

FTC 2013 update

Its been a hectic week at work and I haven't had a chance to keep you all updated on team progress - so I will do a quick summary of the last few days.

On day 11 we maintained our 9th place position with over 2,500,000 metres which is pretty good going!

Day 12 saw us slip back into 10th place with the NAS team in 9th position (double booo) : (

Day 13 has 52 ETT members participating in the FTC with an impressive 3 million metres rowed by the team. Over ten team mates have joined and surpassed the 100k club, in fact Rob, Rainer and Beat have moved into the exclusive 200k club!! Nice work.

A big thanks to all team mates who have been toiling away on their C2's in the garage / gym / fitness centre / shed / basement / attic....

What is motivating you right now? 

Do you want to hit a set target / personal goal?
Is it a health fix you are after?
Do you just want to beat those pesky NAS ergers?
Let me know you reasons for taking part ; )

Keep rowing strong!


  1. Back in 9th place by a few meters. I like the erg & these distance competitions are a great way to put some km on your legs. Hope everybody is doing well & enjoying the FTC.

    Andy S

  2. I had a target but it's getting further away from me! Been a bit under the weather this week so even further away than last week than I'd ideally like to be. Will get back on it soon hopefully and help chase those hundreds of pesky NAS folks (and work on fitness which is my real motivation). PS anyone else noticed Sub7, Oarsome and Paddypower are running as a combined team?

  3. Shooting for 50K per week; so far, so good. Love these team challenges - great way to stay motivated. Happy erging to all!

  4. This challenge comes at the same time as our health insurance company has a number of "point earning" activities to earn points and reduce our health insurance premium next year. One of them is a fitness challenge to exercise so many minutes per day. So that incentive/challenge and this challenge is double motivation to make sure I get my meters and minutes in each day.

    Jim M

  5. Some great reasons for participating in the FTC from you all!

  6. Hi Lucas - Yes the Sub7, Oarsome and Paddy Power have been erging as a collective team for quite a few challenges now - seems weird because there individual teams are in some cases bigger than ours (Paddy Power are smaller) don't know why they club together other than making sure they get into the top 20 teams.... Seems a bit out of the spirit of things....

  7. The first distance challenge I completed was the Holiday Challenge a couple of years ago - Concept use it to give cash help to various charities - 100K was a good alternative to the various pb's I'd been attempting - then I noticed they gave more for 200K - I took the 'bait' and now use every ensuing challenge to test every aspect of my erging - the most difficult to overcome being the 'tender derriere'. All's well and under control at this time - but I will be happier on the 15th

    Regards to all ETT guys & gals - its all 'downhill' from here!

  8. Sorry I forgot to sign off my anonymous reply - - Rob D

  9. I’ve been rowing at least 1 half-marathon per day. It’s good way to challenge myself, because at the end of november, I will participate in 24H erg team race. I haven’t set any meter goals for FTC, but hope to do many meters as possible. Good rowing everyone :)!