Saturday, 21 September 2013

FTC 2013 Days six and seven

Yesterday we moved up to 9th position (yeah!) but today we have fallen back to 10th (boooooo!) out of 233 teams (only 20k short of achieving 9th place). On a positive note, we are still in the top ten which is a very good start to the competition.

As a team we are erging an average of 250k a day with 42 team mates contributing metres out of 49 participants. There are some big numbers being pulled in with Rob, Beat and Rainer in the 100k club already!

Remember ETT'ers all metres count; so get on that C2 and help the team row past those Navy boys (thanks for clearing that up Jim wasn't sure what the NAS bit stood for!) at Team NAS Pensacola.

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  1. We are back in 9th place as of 1700 hrs picific time go getem.