Thursday, 19 September 2013

FTC 2013 Day five

We have slipped down to eleventh position due to a 400+ strong military team called Team NAS Pensacola who we have come across in previous team challenges - we will have to see what we can do to knock these army-ergers off their top ten slot.

Talking of army-ergers - Rob (Robo-erg) has been working like a machine with nearly 125k in only 5 days!!

Well done to all team mates - I will write a more detailed blog-post at the weekend ; )


  1. I just uploaded my meters and saw that we have moved ahead of NAS Pensacola. I think they are navy ergers as NAS I believe is short for Naval Air Station.

    Jim M

  2. I upgraded Rowpro this week and it wasn't connection properly with the Logbook, so the few metres I have done this week were not counting....though they should be now. Only managed one session on the erg this week as busy with work and a bit of cycling, but should get back into it again next week.

  3. Had also some technical issues....however my meters are up-loaded now - Have fun & enjoy erging - KR, Beat

  4. Been a bit little lazy as it is the Fiestas Patrias - National Parties/Holiday here in Chile, lots of BBQs and red wine, not conducive to rowing. A big wish to Hector Guerrero Villa and his family, hope they are not too affected with all the flooding in Mexico. Go ETTers !!!

  5. We are now in 9th place. YEA