Sunday, 22 September 2013

FTC 2013 Day eight

We have had a fantastic first week in the Fall Team Challenge with 45 team mates participating with such enthusiasm. We also need to welcome a couple of newbies to the team:

  • Gunter Timmermann, 51 from the Netherlands
  • Michael Siers,  49 from USA
The team are being lead by our most dedicated rowers of this challenge, Rob, Rainer, Beat and Matt L - keep up the great work guys!

We need to send our best wishes to some of our regular team mates who haven't been able to join us in the FTC due to injuries:
  • Mark B who is recovering from his hernia operation - best wishes for a fast recovery
  • Dave P who is also recovering from injuries too!
Moving forward to next week we need to maintain our top ten slot and see if we can sneak our way into 8th or 9th position.


  1. All the best with your recovery Mark B. I had a hernia operation in Poland about 10 years ago (old school surgery which was cheap and nasty but effective lol) so i know what you are going through!

    I'm getting better with my injury (pinched nerves in the lower back and right leg) and could almost be rowing now but i'm listening to my physio for a change and heeding her advice!

    The only good thing to come from this injury is that i've discovered the benefits of pilates, it's great i love it!

    Great effort everyone with the FTC keep up the fantastic work!

    All the best
    Davey P:)

  2. Last week I rowed more than my previous lifetime meters were (started rowing in may). Looking forward to do many meters this week. Good rowing everyone :)!

  3. All the best recovering from your injuries Mark and Dave.

    I've joined the casualty list at least temporarily as I tweaked my back on Saturday trying to do a flat out 4 minutes for the Challenge Series. Hopefully with a few days rest I will be ok to get back on the horse.

    Great metres from the team, especially Rob - fantastic!!

  4. Phil! We can't have any more team mates on the injury list!! Hope you get better soon : )
    Well done Rainer for your fantastic amount of rowing over the past week - keep up the great work!

  5. Keep up the good work everyone! I'm slowly on the road to recovery, I can manage a few minutes walking now. So you can imagine how far I am from erging!! Sounds like Dave and I are doing the sensible thing and taking things steady, I've learned just how fragile the body can be over the last year!!