Sunday, 29 September 2013

FTC 2013 Day 15

We have been such a productive team over the past 15 days and since we have had our 52nd team mate join us for the challenge we have entered into the '51 or more members' category in the rankings.

We are currently 8th out of 16 team with 51+ members:

And we are in 9th place in the full rankings out of 260 world-wide teams. We have rowed over 3,500,000 metres!!

We have only 16 days left of the challenge so we are right in the middle of the FTC - at this challenging stage of the competition, what are you doing to keep motivated and energised?
Are you eating / drinking anything different to keep your energy levels up?
Share some tips with fellow team mates!

For those team mates who have followed the blog for a while will know my favourite energy foods are: Sweet potatoes or oats, and I have occasionally used some Nuun tablets in my water for longer endurance sessions.


  1. When rowing I only drink water, but sometimes after sessions I use magnesium supplement for muscle relax.

  2. Same here, I just drink water when rowing. In terms of supplements, I don't take any, just try and eat properly. I enjoy a pint of real ale though. Not sure that counts as a supplement!

    I am back rowing now, although I am going to build things back up gradually. I'm hoping to get to 150k by the end of the challenge.

    Great distances from the team, well done evrybody

  3. As with the others I only drink water, and then only really for HM and over. Normally on a HM, I would have water after 6k, 11k, 15k, 18k, 20k try and help split up the time...and have something to look forward too!

    I try to eat reasonably well......though not very good at it, and I can certainly tell, when the food I have eaten has less nutritional value!

    Still not managing a great deal of metres as there seem to be lots of clubs and school meetings to take children too, but I've just started back on the Pete Plan, so I'm hoping that will give me a bit of focus.

    Well done everyone on the metres.

  4. I passed 78k today - had hoped for 100k by the end of the month, but lost a couple days due to travel.

    Nice surprise today - while rowing the noon (my time) RowPro 30 minutes 'GenFit' it seemed easier than usual. Missed my PB by two meters, but my HR was a full 10 beats/minute slower at the end. Looks like my body liked having a two-day break!

    ETT is a great motivation for me - I look forward to seeing my place in the pack each day after I row. The noon RowPro 'race' gives me a nice mid-day break from work and between the 30 min and the cool-down I usually add 8-8.5k. I've been doing an hour on alternate weekends - my 'sore seat' time has improved from 48 minutes to 56 minutes. A HM is next, but I'm not sure I'm ready yet. I still slow a lot between 30 minutes and 60 minutes.

    I drink water before and after, but haven't rowed far enough to feel the need while rowing. I guess that'll change with a HM.

    Mark K

  5. I usually just have water following the workout and just try to eat healthy as I normally attempt to do. Hit the 5 million lifetime meter mark today, a nice way to celebrate my oldest son's birthday.

    Jim Moldenhauer

  6. They all sound like pretty sensible suggestions. Unlike running, biking or other distance or endurance sports its pretty hard to eat / drink something when on the rowing machine. I usually try to fuel up a decent time ahead of a longer row or load up with replenishing food after a decent session.