Tuesday, 24 September 2013

FTC 2013 Day 10

Ten days in and we are 10th out of 248 teams - pretty good going team mates. Let's see if we can knock the Navy ergers off the 9th spot by tomorrow ; )
Who's with me?
How are you all feeling after ten days of erging?


  1. Pretty graphic Caroline :) 10 days in and getting into the rowing again after 3 weeks away, it is a little painful, however good pain :) Decided to give the CTC 4 minutes a miss, as I do not want to pull my back like poor Phil, take it easy !

  2. Looks like we have moved ahead of them into 9th place. The advantage of logging my meters at the end of the day.

    Jim M

  3. Cool graphics - psychedelic :)