Saturday, 17 August 2013

What's motoring your boat?

I have been rocking out to the Yeah Yeah Yeah's during my work-outs recently. I created an awesome 'mix-tape' of their best tracks on Spotify last week. I find having some excellent music can really help get into the zone for some of the harder C2 interval sessions.

I have had a self-imposed ban from the YYY's since my 100k session Easter 2012 because I was unable to change the music without the C2 timer clocking off the monitor.  I ended up listening to the same YYY's album on repeat for 9 1/2 hours! Luckily the darker memories of that torturous endurance episode has faded enough for me to listen to their music again without having flash-backs to hand blisters and back ache.

What music do you listen to when you work-out?


  1. Midnight Oils are my tunes for the moment...however after many years of sweaty headphones I now have my blue tooth Avantalk sport headphones and laptop and I watch all my old favorites on BBC iPlayer...not bad for Chile ! Spring has arrived and I am back to rowing in 26C heat..

  2. Diggy - sounds like fun!
    Totally forgot about Midnight Oils! Got a good bass-line and beat to C2 to : )
    I also use a laptop and laptop to watch stuff as well, although if its hard session I prefer music rather than TV programmes. Films are good for the long steady sets.

  3. It always used to be films for me, but as the children have got older and now don't go to bed until after I have finished rowing I have less control of what is on.

    I'm not sure my wife would continue talking to me if I started telling people what I do listen too.....she has never been impressed with my musical tastes, but since getting some Bluetooth headphones I'm gradually added to my list of rowing music and she doesn't need to listen too also blocks out the rubbish she listens too (-: It tends to be one tune at a time though, rather than an album.

    I'm going to have to get some headphones that stand up to the sweat better as mine are starting to faulter. I've only managed to link them to the iphone/blackberry not the computer though.

  4. I listen to Christian music with classical tossed in.


  5. I just turn the radio on and row on. Most of the music is at about 30spm.

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  7. I find some of the audio podcasts you can get for free on itunes etc are good for the long distances and can help the time pass. For 2ks and intervals some music that gets the adrenaline going is good, but I can't seem to row in time with anything - trying to do so throws my flow off massively!