Saturday, 31 August 2013

September CTC

September's Cross Team Challenge is a simple, straight forward 1000 metres from a static start. No stroke rate restrictions either!

In theory, for this sort of distance you should be aiming for a pace that is under your 2k pace; for me my best ever 2k pace was 2:08 / 2:09 so technically I need to be aiming for 2:05 / 2:06 but I will see how things go.

I can honestly say that achieving 2:09 would be pretty ambitious right now. I have a feeling this CTC will need a couple of attempts for me to get a decent time.

Good luck with this one ETT'ers.
Let's fill more than one boat this month.... Ladies.... I'm talking to you!!


  1. My best ever is 3:03.7 (1:31.8), but I don't think I'll be doing that this month! Maybe 1:35 on a good day, which is just under my 2k PB pace.

  2. Yes I was thinking the same thing on this one Mark. I think I will have to 'warm-up' to a good time after a few attempts.

  3. I don't think I am looking forward to this months CTC (-: These short, one off distances, are always the ones I get off the erg feeling the worst.....and if I'm lucky, not have to run for the bathroom for. My all time 1k is just under 3:11, but to be honest anything between 1:40 and 1:45 pace will have to do for me I think, though as that is just under my current 2k pace, it sounds about right. Good luck all (-:

  4. I like this more than last month's challenge to be honest (I started giving it another go yesterday but abandoned the spm restrictions midway through.)

    I'll give this a couple of goes at least, the hardest thing I find with these short rows is I'd normally do them as intervals to get a good workout, but giving everything in one go makes it quite hard to do another half an hour! Probably just a sign that I'm still not as fit and healthy as I'd like to be! Anyway, anything near 3.30 I'll be pleased with.

  5. I read somewhere that a way to calculate your predicted split is to add 5 seconds every time you doubled your distance. Looking at my times this is fairly accurate (although it tells me I should be doing better at shorter distances, which is the opposite of what I thought!). My best 1k time last year was 3:41.8, so my target is to beat that! I agree that it will take a couple of attempts before my best time will be achieved.