Sunday, 4 August 2013

New team mates!

We have been joined by Jonathan who is an accomplished rower both on and off the water in the UK. Welcome to the team Jonathan; we all look forward to erging with you.

I have also spotted a new female team mate Diana F from the USA who has also affiliated to the team in the last month or so. Diana, its great to have another girl on board!


  1. Great to have new members. I tried the CTC today, thought my max heart rate was 172 in line with my age(46), but an over enthusiastic first 30+ SPM interval after 4 20 SPM intervals reset that at a heart pounding 177!! What do other people hit during intense rowing such as these CTCs ?

  2. Hi Diggy, I am going to put my HR monitor on for my next CTC attempt. My hR has been as high as 189 / 195 during 2k competition rows (I don't like to do too many of those because they are so hardcore).

  3. I would imagine mine will be similar to yours Diggy, will wear the monitor next time. Certainly I was at the top end of what I can do at the moment with the 30+ spm intervals today

  4. I have my MaxHR set as 193 on my RCX3, that's the most I've hit since I got it recently (I got fed up of sessions saying I hit 103% of my Max when it was auto set to 185, so changed it manually!).

    It's been a few years since I really trained on the erg, I've seen it at 200 before, but I'd say 193 is my definite max at the moment. Having said all that, I only hit 184 when I did this month's CTC, so I guess that means I've got a little more to give at the moment.

    And welcome aboard Jonathan!