Sunday, 4 August 2013

Jelly and Ice (scream)

I tried a second attempt at the Aug CTC today and faired much better than last time. No time penalties and I kept my pace pretty darn close to the set parameters:

1. 20spm 2:26
2. 19spm 2:26
3. 19spm 2:29
4. 19spm 2:31
5. 30spm 2:07
6. 30spm 2:11
7. 30spm 2:12
8. 30spm 2:10

As you can see there is a huge difference in my pace between the slow and fast strokes. I just don't have the power to pull in a decent pace at a slow stroke rate.
My legs were like jelly at the end of the session due to the exertion and the heat but my tip for rowing in hot weather is to put some ice in your water bottle for a lovely cool refreshing drink during the intervals.

New team mate Jonathan has entered a decent time today for the CTC, along with Diggy, Bouke and and Rob D. We have almost got boat two into the rankings already!

10 Mark Bower M ETT I  13:32.3    1:41.5  334.3
19 Joseph Smyntek M ETT I  13:52.0    1:44.0  311.1
20 Jonathan Turns ETT M ETT I  13:52.4    1:44.1  310.7
34 Rob Drury m ETT I  15:17.9    1:54.7  231.7
47 Caroline Joynson f ETT I  18:36.4    2:19.6  128.8
22 Bouke Dieleman M ETT II  13:54.6    1:44.3  308.2
27 Richard Young M ETT II  14:12.2    1:46.5  289.5
30 John Giles M ETT II  14:36.8    1:49.6  265.8
40 Diggy m ETT II  16:47.4    2:05.9  175.3
36 Phil Nolan M ETT III  15:24.3    1:55.5  226.9
41 Paul Merhib m ETT III  16:49.0    2:06.1  174.4
42 Mark Kaehler M ETT III  16:55.2    2:06.9  171.3


  1. So... I did 4x20 then 4x30 (actually there was a 19 and a 31 in there somewhere.)

    My lack of endurance showed up enormously - 17:33.8

    Curiously, my pace at both 20 and 30 was about the same.

  2. Hi Dave B, interesting that both your results were pretty similar : ) for 20 & 30!!

  3. Hi Caroline.
    Personally, I'm one for following the spirit of the challenge rather than finessing the rules, in part because the object is fitness and breaking the monotony, but having said that... I've been "spying" on the sub 7 forum topic (now at therowingcompany) and the challenge designer has said that he expects people to find a "sweet spot" between 20 and 30 that will suit people who don't respond well to either the high or low rates. In other words, you hit the one you're most comfortable with and just get somewhere near the one you're not.

    For you, for example, it might suit to row at 26/30 instead of 20/30 - it's clear that if you were to row at 30 all the way through and keep the same pace you'd be overall quicker - by about 32 seconds including the penalty!

    It is also noted that going over the 30 rate has no penalty, so if you like cranking out 33+ then go for it!

  4. Dave
    Loving your work on the 'spying' or should we say 'educational curiosity' on the sub 7 forum (just to let you know that our new team mate Jonathan used to be in Sub 7!) Maybe he has some inside information?
    I tried to get an ETT version of that going a couple of years ago but I don't think the people who were members at the time really bothered with the C2 forum anyway.
    You are right about the pacing though maybe I ought to slug it out in the mid 20's for the first 4 then balls out on 30+ for the final 4.... it would definitely improve on my current time being able to do that!!

  5. Well I did attempt#2 today and it went MUCH better. Also, I check my earlier attempt and I realized that I had entered the wrong time. I forgot to add in my 8-second penalty and should have been at 14:00 instead of 13:52. I guess that is what happens when you try to do math and enter your times in right after you pushed yourself to the limit.

    The good thing is that it doesn't matter as I improved my time to 13:42.6 with ZERO penalties! I was very pleased with the row and I was able to keep my breathing and times much more consistent this time around.

    I went (Times are approximate):
    1:39 r30
    1:46 r20
    1:47 r20
    1:39 r30
    1:47 r20
    1:39 r30
    1:46 r20
    1:38 r31

    I changed up my strategy a bit from the last attempt and I was much more comfortable. I feel very comfortable doing r20 rows back-to-back but the r30 rows take more of a toll on me back-to-back. With this change, I was able to have a strong start out of the gate with an r30 plus I am then still able to finish it up with another r30.

    Now that my body is used to it I think I will be able to do this a few more times this month (When I 1st saw the challenge, I didn't think I was going to do it more than once or twice). I have set the goal of trying to break 13:30. I will probably have to have a perfect session to do that though.

  6. Excellent work Joe S!
    I'm with you when I first saw this challenge I was thinking - I'll probably only manage this once (i have to because I'm team captain) but I weirdly quite 'enjoyed' it in a sadistic sort of pushing-yourself-to-the-limit sort of way!
    I am hoping to improve on my time on attempt number three.

  7. Well done Joe! Interesting to hear everyone's different strategies, I personally don't think I could do it any other way than 4x20 then 4x30, maybe I'll try something different on Friday if I have another go.

    It seems I'm also the only one that was undaunted by this challenge, I love a good interval session! (They formed the backbone of my training for the EIRC/BIRC/WIRC competitions). I also love the 30+ sessions, I'm not a fan of r20s (not flat out anyway!).

  8. Guess I need to have another shot at it then - since you sneaked passed me Joe!
    Mine were 4r20-, 4r30+. HR Max is supposedly 185 but I maxed out at 171 - either my max is wrong or I need to be quicker than my 13:44.1...

  9. Well done everyone - some great times already. I gave this a shot today - found it really tough. Thought it would be best to go 30, 20, 20, 20, 20, 30, 30, 30 as others have tried but think I need another strategy for the next attempt!
    1:44.1 @31
    1:46.8 @20
    1:45.8 @20
    1:46.4 @20
    1:49.2 @20
    1:46.2 @30
    1:51.4 @28
    1:48.5 @28
    I had nothing left for the last couple. I'm tempted to try the fast ones first and get them out the way - as a 6'5" lank I'm really not used to doing much at 30spm+ and it felt like really hard work. 20spm on the other hand wasn't too bad after a few goes at last months challenge. Anyone tried this or do you think it might be a Bad Idea?

    I'll give this another go or 2 but the Dog Days challenge actually seems more appealing right now - now the UK has cooled down a bit I want to get some long distances in again (my shed has been way too hot for long sessions)!

  10. PS - Mrs N may take some persuading to give this one a go based on how exhausted (ill) I looked on finishing this!

  11. Some great rowing and times being done for this challenge, good starts Lucas and David and nice improvement Joseph, I was going to have to have another go anyway, but you have put yourself further out of reach!

    I think once you have had one go, you realise the technicalities of it are not that difficult, and it is just finding what suits you, and that certainly seems to be the way it has been set up. Over the years, I have done a lot of training and challenges, so I knew which bits were going to hurt, I didn't quite fall off the rower at the end, but my elder son was definitely looking at my funny! It is worth experimenting with order of the intervals and may have a go at alternating them, though do think starting with a fast one is easier due to the static start needed.

    I'm with David on following the spirit of the challenge, and with this one, despite it seeming complex, it has been set up so you can row it to your strengths, and if that means taking a penalty no problem.

    I regularly look at the Sub7 thread, as it is an all open and as with a lot of things on what is now therowingcompany forum, there are lots of useful bits of information on there, particularly if you are looking to follow a plan, or aim to improve in certain areas, so I don't think any spying is involved David (-: Having said that, I've just looked and I still seem to have access to the Sub7 website, so that might be a different matter!

    I found the links and information about ETT on there and so it was how I got in contact.

    I enjoy the interaction there is between members of the team, and I enjoyed almost all my time with Sub7, and the only reasons I left, other than the fact that I had lost a bit of impetus with my rowing, was that the feel of the team changed in a way I didn't like. Most of us do this for enjoyment (if you can call it that), and it suddenly became a chore with active and inactive lists, and arguments breaking out.

    I don't know where the last couple of years have gone, but I'm glad to have found ETT and a feeling of renewed rowing interest (-:

    Having said that, there won't be much erging this week, as it is the local regatta rowing races, so will continue to be doing those for the next few days.

    Have a good day all.


  12. Just had another go at this. Managed a 12.5 second improvement, so quite pleased. Last time I felt as though I'd held back a bit, this time it hurt! I have done my reps in the same order as Joe, who it seems to work rather well for!. This suited me also as I would not like to do more than one 30spm rep together, but felt it was best to start and finish with them. Splits:

    1:51.4 @32
    1:55.9 @19
    1:55.0 @19
    1:51.8 @31
    1:57.7 @19
    1:51.9 @30
    1:57.3 @19
    1:50.8 @31

    The hardest reps were the fifth, sixth and seventh, especially as I felt my back tweak slightly on the fifth. Lucas, I'm just under 6ft and find 30 spm difficult so it must be even worse for you!

    I will have another go next week but I'm close to my ceiling now I think!

  13. Jonathan - it was interesting to read your take on your Sub-7 experience. I was invited to join a couple of times over the years, and the thing that put me off was the competitiveness. Don't get me wrong, I've raced and competed with the best of them, but you'll find ETT to be a very laid back team in comparison! You can do as little or much as you want and we don't have any arguments! Having said that, it feels like we're really "taking off" of late, hopefully we won't all get carried away! We could really do with our own website/forum if all this chat continues!

    Well done to Phil on your improvement!

  14. Missed Ric's go the last time, great start and nice improvement there Phil.

    Mark, I'm enjoying ETT already (-: Sub7 went through a period when they seemed to be actively looking to expand and recruit, and I'm not sure that works in this sort of environment, it's much better to keep it a less formal process. If someone really wants to do it, they will find a club that suits them.

    As for own website/forum, I find the interaction increases my enjoyment of the erging, particularly if you find others at a similar training level. I felt this worked well with clubs having threads on the C2 site, but over the years, various ones have ended up with their own websites, and as a result, the interest and involvement in the forum has decreased, and personally I think that has been a shame.

  15. Hi Mark / Jomathan / Phil / Ric

    Firstly well done on your recent CTC entries I think we are feeling our way with this one and it seems the more you do the better you know how to tackle the beast!

    I have looked into getting a ETT website but the cost seemed prohibitive considering it is a hobby for me - unless there are any budding HTML coders out there willing to create our site for free!?

    As for the forum chats - I did set up an ETT thread years ago but nobody 'chatted' on it so it got renegaded to the bottom of the threads then probably disappeared... I could start a new ETT thread up on the teams page if you are interested?

    Jonathan - its interesting to hear your perspective from the 'other side' it seems a few indoor rowers do an 'Eddie V' by starting with ETT the friendly, but possibly not competitive enough team then get poached by Sub 7!! So glad that Mark B decided to stay with us : )

  16. Jonathan you are the first Sub 7'er who has joined us so you are unique!!

  17. Firstly, great work by everyone so far! 16 out of 76 participants in this challenge are ETT'ers so far. It's really cool seeing that amount of participation. In a similar challenge in May 2012 (The Rowpro In-between), we only had 7 members participate for the whole month!

    As far as further team communication, how about a slight change to something we already have? We currently have an ETT fan page on Facebook. How about we create an ETT group on Facebook? The main difference between the fan page and group is that all members can make posts in the group that will show up on the other members walls. Right now with the fan page, only the posts made by 'Empty the Tanks' (Which I assume is Caroline) show up on my wall. I think this change would result in a bit more participation on there without the work of creating a whole separate team page.

    Just an idea.

  18. Hi Joe,

    Great idea on the Facebook thing - now I am new to Facebook and only created an account fairly recently after ETT team mates requests to create a page - I didn't know the differences that you mentioned so I should create Group page - I will read up on this and get on it!


  19. So I 'think' we now have a group page on Facebook.
    If I haven't already invited you - look for Empty the Tanks Indoor Rowing Team

  20. Caroline, I have been called unique before, but not in quite such a nice way!, and obviously I have come in the right direction.

    I also think the facebook page is a great idea, particularly as I am not a HTML coder, budding or otherwise.

  21. I haven't looked on here for a day or 2 and just catch ing up on the chat.

    We have more entrants to the CTC than any other team right now! Well done everyone, especially as it's such a nasty one this month (in my opinion!)

    I can do a bit here and there with html/css and could maybe set something up. But I can see things have moved on since then and we have a FB group too. I hate Facebook with a passion but will join up anyway - happy to help out look into an alternative if required though!

  22. Hey Lucas - weirdly I am not a huge fan of FB either but I created a page for the team to cater to those who like catching up this way : )
    I will continue to blog and comment on here too!

  23. I've designed websites for people in the past, I used to have my own site for website design. Nothing fancy, just simple stuff for people needing a Web presence. Having said that, I did design a shop site once with integrated payments system, so I'm not completely inept :) I have a very cheap hosting package now, mainly to keep my domain name that I use for all our family emails, so I could play with something on there. I'm sure my host has a PHP blog module, we could use that, I'll take a look

  24. Mark, you definitely sound a bit more skilled that me on the web design front - very much an amateur here!

  25. Mark - this sounds like an idea if you've got the skills! We would just need a simple site which would outline the basic stuff.