Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Facebook Group page

For all those Facebook'ers out there, search for 'Empty the Tanks Indoor Rowing Team' group page to join in the fun!


  1. Hi All, i've just returned home after two and a half weeks away for work from managing and supervising a revegetation project in which we planted about 80,000 native tree and shrub seedlings for nature conservation. A great way to lose weight:)

    It's great to see that we have so many new team members on board and chatter among team mates. I think this is testament to Caroline's wonderful leadership which promotes an environment of great team camraderie, spirit and inclusion.

    It's great to see so many ETTers participating in this months challenge with such enthusiasm - well done team!

    Unfortunately i still have injury concerns (sciatica - pinched nerves in the lower back radiating down through the legs). Quite painful but recovering and went for my first light row in over a month yesterday.

    I'll continue to take it easy (moderate intensity, long duration rowing) to avoid risk of further injury in preparation for another running half marathon i have coming up in a couple of weeks.

    Therefore i'll probably sit this challenge out as well but may re-assess this at the end of the month depending on my recovery.

    All the best team
    Dave P:)

    P.S. Great idea to have a group page on facebook

  2. Dear ETTers- personally I would prefer just one place to catch up on the chats, news, advice, aches, pains, successes..having this blog, which works well for me and a Facebook group, means 2 place to check...eating into valuable erg time...I am with Lucas and not a big fan of Facebook

  3. Get well soon Dave P. What you have sounds very similar to the injury I had back in May so I understand how painful it can be. I had moments where my pain radiated from my lower back down my hamstrings and through the front of my hips. It was no fun at all.

    Diggy, I understand that another place is more time consuming but the group page allows for more members to participate and create their own discussion topics. Although I suggested the idea, I'm not a fan of FB either, in fact I have pretty much quit FB a few months ago, but I figured it would be the easiest way to create a group where more people could start discussion.

    But I am not going to stop posting here either. This community is one of my favorite things to participate in on the internet.

  4. Diggy - don't worry I will still continue to blog on here and I would hope other ETT'ers will continue to post a few comments too.

    Dave P - so sorry to hear about your back - I hope you get better soon and please don't injure yourself trying to do some of the crazy C2 sessions unless its for rehabilitation!! And thanks for your kind words about my Team Captaining etc....

  5. Thanks for your support - i guess the injury is my fault because i've always been lazy in regards to proper warm up, cool down and stretches and i am terribly inflexible so now i'm suffering the consequences.

    In addition to my previous post may i just say that it really is a pleasure to be part of a team that is so encouraging and supportive of each other. I'm just making a point of this because i do regularly look at the CTC thread on the forum and sometimes at other team threads and websites etc.

    The CTC thread does offer some good advice and constructive discussion but then it can degenerate quite badly at times. Current discussion / debate / arguement is particularly awful and is not in the spirit of the CTC or C2 rowing in general which has put me off the thread.

    From what i've seen of the other teams some of them seem to place more emphasis and focus on competition and results rather than providing a supportive / encouraging friendly team environment.

    Anyway that's my say for the day.

    ...... and happy to be a ETTer

    All the Best
    Dave P:)

  6. I can't agree more Dave P. I have always been a competitive sort, but I am really only competitive with myself. If people are better than me, that's fine and if people are worse than me, I want to provide encouragement and help so they can get better. All I care about for myself is that I continue to improve. I have found that ETT is a group that fits quite well with my attitude.

    The only pressure I have ever had to row more meters or a faster time is the pressure I have put on myself. I also like that there are a number of people who are just a bit better than me as it provides huge motivation to better myself.

  7. Nice to hear guys : )
    Must be the nice weather we are having that is putting us all in a good mood. Also a healthy dose of team spirit and ETT encouragement that helps us all pull in those PB's and longer distances...
    Keep rowing strong people!