Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Dog Days of Summer Week Three

How did you tackle the 30k for the Dog Days of Summer week three?

I did a few sessions of 2 x 20 minute slots, a couple of 5k's and a few last minute 'just row' k's when I thought I was under the 30k (which it turns out I wasn't - maths has never been my strongest skill set)...

Ready for next week's 40k?
How will you approach this distance?


  1. I set a goal for myself to do 200K every month.This challenge for me is fairly easy. The CTC challenge can hurt me because speed is not a good thing for me. I like to row a nice steady pace and do long distances.

  2. I only just crossed the 30km line tonight with my 3rd 10k in 3 days. Should have been easy, and it kinda was, but it was a sweatfest in the garage and I felt uncomfortable rather than tired or weak.

    I'm not sure how I can do the 40km, ideally I need to do 30km tomorrow to leave me with 10km for Friday. Saturday we leave for Devon, and I *think* the caravan park has a gym with a C2, but it's whether I risk it or try and do it all before I leave. Thing is I'm working tomorrow, and Friday I have the day off but have the kids by myself! Not the best 2 days to be trying to complete 40km!

  3. While I had to struggle to get my 20K last week, this week I passed 30K several days early.
    The difference was a :60 group row on RowPro Saturday morning (for me) that fit my schedule and gave me a nice boost in my total.
    Since I'd met my distance goal, I decided to retry the CTC yesterday (better time, but not as much improvement in my performance as I had hoped - tried 30-20-20-30-30-20-20-30 this time with no penalty points).

    My routine is :30 during my lunch break, but I think I'll kick it up to 10K this week since I'll miss several days.

    Mark K

  4. I managed the 30k and this evening achieved my goal of joining the 3Mm club before heading off on holidays on Saturday. No way I will get 40k in in the next 2 evenings, however gall the best to the rest of the ETTers and looking forward to sweating away with you all in the Fall Team challenge ! I may have to travel, however when I am at home I will try for 10k each day !!!

  5. I started by doing 14k on the Thursday as I thought I might struggle to get much rowing in. As it turned out I had more time than anticipated, so got there quite comfortably (ended up with 44K). I actually did my best 5k for a couple of years in the process, so happy with that. I haven't plucked up the courage to have another go at the CTC yet though!

    This week will be tougher though as I need to get the 40k done in two days, maybe with a short row on Monday to supplement this.

    Good luck everybody with this

  6. I've been a bit tight for time this week as we had our daughter and grand children staying for a while, as well as my sons having a number of clubs to be taken too as training starts for them again for the winter season. Ended up rowing quite late each of the evenings I managed to row, so having planned to do two hour long sessions, I ended up doing it in 10k, 13k and a 7k segments, as the lack of time and the need for food kicked in.

  7. 30k wasn't too bad in the end - did in 3 lengthy sessions in the end and that covered it.

    Will aim to do this in 3-4 sessions again. Never done over 10k in 1 go before so not sure about a HM, but may give it a go, or maybe a 60 minuter (approx 15k hopefully). 3 day weekend for me so I've got no excuses not to get this done unfortunately.

    Then there's 3 days left to have another go at the CTC... (shudder)

    Good luck everyone.

  8. Got my 30k in with 2 days to spare. I did it by going to the gym around 5 am before going into the office. Usually try to do at least 30 minutes each morning. For week 4 more of the same except for today as I did not get there in the morning so I will try to do some after my racquetball match is completed tonight.

    Jim M

  9. Well done Jim - 5am gym sessions - now that is dedicated. I don't think I could get up that early to do a session at the moment!!