Friday, 9 August 2013

Dog Days of Summer Week One

How did you do during week one of the Dog Days of Summer?

It looks like quite a number of ETT'ers managed to row 10k indoor / outdoor in the first week of the challenge. Until you have rowed the full 100k I can not see how you are fairing by the leader board on the C2 logbook website.....

Let me know how you are getting on either on the blog, e-mail ( or on the Facebook Group Page (Empty the Tanks Indoor Rowing Team).

This week 20k!


  1. I didn't reach the 10k mark until the last day. I'm already over 5k for week 2 and will be heading to the basement for another 5k shortly.

    Weeks 3 & 4 are going to be a bit of work though.

  2. I don't think I will complete it this year, as for week 4, I will only have 2 evenings to row the 40K after work and an early 05:00 am start on the Saturday 24th...still I am jetting off to Playa del Carmen in Mexico for a couple of weeks, sorry that will make up for it :) My goal is to reach my 3 Mm before the holidays...better get rowing....

  3. Don't worry about the DDS this year. Good luck with your 3mm goal - You can do it Diggy!! Have fun in Mexico.

  4. 10k last week done and made a good start on this week by getting 11k done yesterday. With the hot weather and CTC crazy interval distractions I haven't got much distance rowing done for a while and have lost my pace and stamina a bit. Dog Days is hopefully a good excuse to make myself rerow some 10ks and make some improvements again.

    Think we're all thinking the same about weeks 3 and (especially) 4 though... but I'm game if anyone else is!

  5. I did 25k+ for the first week and have 13k+ in this week so far. Was going to attempt the CTC on Wednesday but the chain tension on the rower that I use at the Y where I workout was real loose and then on Thursday and today it was real tight. (Both prevent me from rowing like I normally do). Hopefully someone will make it just right so I can give the CTC a try.

  6. Nice work Jim and Lucas.
    Yes I have to admit that weeks 3 and 4 are going to be a slog!