Monday, 26 August 2013

Dog Days of Summer Week Four

As the final week of the Dog Days of Summer is coming to a close the following teams mates have already got this challenge in the bag!

Craig Waugh214800
Jonathan Turns119215
Andy Soyring141523
Mike Schnell105461
Caroline Joynson123380
Beat Emch184411
Rob Drury146396
Bouke Dieleman221389
Mike Bode149398

How are you getting on?
Are you going to meet the 40k challenge this week?


  1. Less than 3,000k to get 40,000 for week 4 and presently over 130,000k for the month.

    Jim M

  2. Just finished 222301M. I expect to add another 24000 by the end of the 28th. Trying to keep up with Bouke Dieleman.

  3. I made it with a day to spare, but I'll never keep up with Bouke...or Beat or any of those guys.

    Mike F.

  4. Hay Mike. you made it and that's all that counts. Does your butt still hurt?

  5. Yeah. One of these days I'll figure out how to get through a row without it being a pain in the rear.

    Mike F.

  6. Mike, Try using a foam cushion It will make a huge difference. I can't row with out one.

  7. I've got one, it doesn't seem to help. About 7-8k on, I keep having to move around.

  8. Mike F I use one of those C2 rubber seat pads for my rowing sessions (I find it hard to row without one).
    I have been known to row in cycling shorts on long sessions to give me some extra padding to ease the discomfort.

  9. C2 rubber pad (as Caroline proposed) is indeed an excellent add-on to get more "comfort" on the rowing seat!

    By the way after completing the "Dog Summer Challenge" I'll spend some more time with our dog (Border Collie) the next few days....

    Regards, Beat

  10. Great stuff Beat - that sounds like a nice plan and I'm sure your dog will be very appreciative of the extra attention!

  11. Left it to the last day to finish but finally done.

    Followed by an icy cold beer, even though it's a work night...

  12. I also left it to the last day, but I got it done despite a weekend trip across the country.
    I like the colour scheme on the certificate (particularly the shades of blue).
    (Funny - the spell-check must know this is a UK blog.)

    I have the same problem at around 8k - my rear isn't happy.
    I've tried sitting on bubble wrap (pretty worthless) and a block of soft packing foam (nice initially, but same problem at 8K), so I'll have to look into the C2 seat pad.

    Mark K