Thursday, 29 August 2013

DDoS 2013 Results

28 days of indoor rowing for the 2013 Dog Days of Summer with the aim of hitting 100k (and over) was achieved by the following team mates:

Paul Merhib USA  246301
Bouke Dieleman BEL  245048
Craig Waugh GBR  243013
Beat Emch CHE  230061
Phil Nolan GBR  184711
Rob Drury GBR  168396
Mike Bode USA  161680
Andy Soyring USA  160451
Mike Fogel USA  158750
hector m guerrero villa MEX  150505
Jim Moldenhauer USA  135653
Caroline Joynson GBR  123380
Lucas Nightingale GBR  120347
Jonathan Turns GBR  119215
Mark Kaehler USA  118885
Karine Girod FRA  116034
Mike Schnell USA  105461
Mark Bower GBR  100416

Congratulations to everybody!

You can have a little break until the 15th September when the Fall Team Challenge starts.
If you haven't already signed up; go to the TEAMS tab on your logbook and click "join challenge", your metres during this month long event will automatically be added to the team totals for the Fall Team Challenge.


  1. Congrats to the large amount of teammates to complete the DDOS!

  2. I was looking at the forum for the next CTC and found this:

    Citroen wrote:Mike Brownjohn of DLC Gidea Park has contacted me.
    The CTC for September is a simple, unrestricted, static start 1000m.

    Nice simple choice - should ensure increased participation.
    The numbers for this month must be one of the lowest ever.

  3. Cool - that looks nice and simple for next months CTC!
    Yes, this months CTC has not had as much participation from ETT'ers (particularly the ladies) as I would have liked. I'm the only girl to have rowed this month which restricts us to only one boat in the rankings with four partially filled boats.
    The people who have entered times have really 'enjoyed' it and found it an interesting fitness challenge compared to the usual sessions. I guess its holiday season in a lot of countries too....

  4. Fabulous effort work on the DDoS ETTers! Next months CTC does look a little more user friendly and should attract greater participation. I just can't wait to get off the sidelines and start rowing again! It's very frustrating being injured!

    All the best

    Dave P:)

  5. I shall be sitting this year's FTC out as my hernia op is on the 18th! First year in a while I won't be doing anything, feels kinda strange

  6. All the best with your operation Mark. It will be weird not having you on the FTC listings... you've always got the JVTC to be your come-back challenge!