Friday, 23 August 2013

Check out the ETT Team Mate page

Hey folks, I have finished the Empty the Tanks team mate page. Check it out... by clicking on the ETT Team Mates tab on the top right.
If you haven't got a photo please send me one to


  1. Looks excellent Caroline, are we suppose to be able to move down the page so we can see the rest, as I don't seem to be able to. Could be I am doing something wrong....which wouldn't be the first time! (-:

  2. ...........I was doing something wrong, all sorted!

  3. Excellent work Caroline, the new team mate page looks great! Perhaps i'll send you a proper photo one day ..... if i can find one that's reasonable:) Maybe another consideration for the ETT team mate page could be a very brief introduction (just a couple of lines)? Just a thought?

    All the Best
    Dave P:)

    P.S. Injury Update:

    I was recovering well with physio and acupuncture etc but may have had a bit of a relapse. I ran in another half marathon as part of the Perth City to Surf fun run last Sunday which attracted about 50,000 participants over the various distance categories.

    I was almost not going to run but i did anyway because i had already registered and i was running for a charity (Make A Wish Foundation) so i didn't want to let them down. And this is also an iconic run on a picturesque but really challenging hilly course. My favourite run!

    So i ran anyway with really poor preparation hence my really poor time (2hrs 19min 6sec) which was 10 minutes slower than last year and 16 minutes slower than my HM last month. But hey i was just happy to have finished to have run the entire distance.

    Off to the physio tomorrow ....... :)

  4. Dave - glad the recovery is going well.
    Excellent work on the marathon considering your physical health and (your words) poor preparation you have achieved a pretty decent time!!
    Nice work there : )