Friday, 2 August 2013

Aug CTC strategies.....

Quite a few brave souls have embarked on the August Cross Team Challenge laid down by Sub 7.
Its a tricky little beast and I definitely need to do another one before the end of the month to right the terrible wrong that was my entry.

As team captain I have to whole heartedly apologise for my poor efforts (partly due to the fact that I thought that the penalties were for NOT going over 30spm!). Note to self - I must read the CTC instructions properly!
Let me share my embarrassing results. I went with Phil N's (I am not blaming Phil by the way) approach and alternated between 30spm then 20spm and so on.

The numbers looked like this: 26, 23, 29, 23, 29, 23, 29, 23 with a penalty of 19 seconds my final result of 19:23.3 which places me firmly at the bottom of the standings!

At least there seems to be a consistent pattern of a) not keeping below 20 and b) not keeping above 30!

Ric / Mark B's and Mark K's approach seems like a really good idea: start off with x 4 @ 20spm then kicking up into top gear for x4 @ 30spm!

Maybe next time I will try Dave B's suggestion of 24/26 throughout and just suck up the 40 second penalty?

What game plan are you going to try?

Only day two of the challenge and we have lots of red on the CTC leader board ETT'ers!
Keep up the great work.

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