Saturday, 31 August 2013

September CTC

September's Cross Team Challenge is a simple, straight forward 1000 metres from a static start. No stroke rate restrictions either!

In theory, for this sort of distance you should be aiming for a pace that is under your 2k pace; for me my best ever 2k pace was 2:08 / 2:09 so technically I need to be aiming for 2:05 / 2:06 but I will see how things go.

I can honestly say that achieving 2:09 would be pretty ambitious right now. I have a feeling this CTC will need a couple of attempts for me to get a decent time.

Good luck with this one ETT'ers.
Let's fill more than one boat this month.... Ladies.... I'm talking to you!!

Thursday, 29 August 2013

DDoS 2013 Results

28 days of indoor rowing for the 2013 Dog Days of Summer with the aim of hitting 100k (and over) was achieved by the following team mates:

Paul Merhib USA  246301
Bouke Dieleman BEL  245048
Craig Waugh GBR  243013
Beat Emch CHE  230061
Phil Nolan GBR  184711
Rob Drury GBR  168396
Mike Bode USA  161680
Andy Soyring USA  160451
Mike Fogel USA  158750
hector m guerrero villa MEX  150505
Jim Moldenhauer USA  135653
Caroline Joynson GBR  123380
Lucas Nightingale GBR  120347
Jonathan Turns GBR  119215
Mark Kaehler USA  118885
Karine Girod FRA  116034
Mike Schnell USA  105461
Mark Bower GBR  100416

Congratulations to everybody!

You can have a little break until the 15th September when the Fall Team Challenge starts.
If you haven't already signed up; go to the TEAMS tab on your logbook and click "join challenge", your metres during this month long event will automatically be added to the team totals for the Fall Team Challenge.

Monday, 26 August 2013

Dog Days of Summer Week Four

As the final week of the Dog Days of Summer is coming to a close the following teams mates have already got this challenge in the bag!

Craig Waugh214800
Jonathan Turns119215
Andy Soyring141523
Mike Schnell105461
Caroline Joynson123380
Beat Emch184411
Rob Drury146396
Bouke Dieleman221389
Mike Bode149398

How are you getting on?
Are you going to meet the 40k challenge this week?

Friday, 23 August 2013

Check out the ETT Team Mate page

Hey folks, I have finished the Empty the Tanks team mate page. Check it out... by clicking on the ETT Team Mates tab on the top right.
If you haven't got a photo please send me one to

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Dog Days of Summer Week Three

How did you tackle the 30k for the Dog Days of Summer week three?

I did a few sessions of 2 x 20 minute slots, a couple of 5k's and a few last minute 'just row' k's when I thought I was under the 30k (which it turns out I wasn't - maths has never been my strongest skill set)...

Ready for next week's 40k?
How will you approach this distance?

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Team Mate Page

The regular visitors of the blog may notice a new tab addition - I would like to create an image gallery of all the current team mates. I hope you all would like to be involved. If you have a specific image you would like me to use please e-mail me at, otherwise I will use the image you have on the affiliation team page / use a pattern / object to represent you : )

Paul M's C2 view

Wow, Paul e-mailed me this photo of his C2 with this amazing view.... I'm not jealous at all.....

Monday, 19 August 2013

Gym refurb

Well in-between indoor rowing and biking I have squeezed in two weeks of hard-core DIY with the help of Chris' dad, Phil and his sister, Karen. What appeared to be a fairly straight forward task of:

  • installing a new boiler (by a plumber not me)
  • ripping out old sink and cupboards
  • re-routing of water and gas pipes
  • re-plumbing of the washing machine
  • making good walls with filler and re-painting
instead turned into an epic DIY adventure of crazy proportions!
Before the chaos....

The finished gym!

The new gym

Walls: Numerous holes filled and painted white and pipes re-routed.
Floor: Lino scraped off around the sides of the room and painted with grey concrete floor paint. Rubber gym flooring and mats assembled in the new room configuration.
Entertainment: Chris' plasma (really a large computer monitor) has been reassigned to the gym which works with a laptop and speakers to watch films / training programmes / music videos
Equipment: Chris' turbo trainer with Matt Smith's bike on (he trains with Chris in the week), Caroline's C2 rowing machine, Chris' SRM indoor bike trainer, (out of shot there are also; kettlebells, Olympic bars, mad variety of foam rollers, yoga mats for stretching, wobble board, body bars, reebok step block and therabands).

Where do you work out?
Do you have a home gym (shed / garage) or do your exercise at your work gym / local fitness centre?

Sunday, 18 August 2013

BIRC registration opens tomorrow

Registration opens for the British Indoor Rowing Championships tomorrow!

Saturday 7th December 2013 BIRC Cardiff, Wales

Who is going to attend?
Start training for the 2,000 metres now!

Follow this link for some good training programmes.

Saturday, 17 August 2013

What's motoring your boat?

I have been rocking out to the Yeah Yeah Yeah's during my work-outs recently. I created an awesome 'mix-tape' of their best tracks on Spotify last week. I find having some excellent music can really help get into the zone for some of the harder C2 interval sessions.

I have had a self-imposed ban from the YYY's since my 100k session Easter 2012 because I was unable to change the music without the C2 timer clocking off the monitor.  I ended up listening to the same YYY's album on repeat for 9 1/2 hours! Luckily the darker memories of that torturous endurance episode has faded enough for me to listen to their music again without having flash-backs to hand blisters and back ache.

What music do you listen to when you work-out?

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Dog Days of Summer Week Two

I managed to get the 20k in this week and so did the following team mates (I think?!)

  • Jonathan did a HM to hit the metres all in one go!
  • Mark B
  • Joe S
  • Lucas
  • Mike F
  • Phil N
  • Ric
Let me know if you hit the 20k and how you went about it.

This weeks challenge is 30k and I know we are all really looking forward to this one..... and next week its 40k! Let's not talk about it......

Friday, 9 August 2013

New team mate!

A big hello to our newest female team mate Stephanie from Australia. Welcome to Empty the Tanks Stephanie : )

Dog Days of Summer Week One

How did you do during week one of the Dog Days of Summer?

It looks like quite a number of ETT'ers managed to row 10k indoor / outdoor in the first week of the challenge. Until you have rowed the full 100k I can not see how you are fairing by the leader board on the C2 logbook website.....

Let me know how you are getting on either on the blog, e-mail ( or on the Facebook Group Page (Empty the Tanks Indoor Rowing Team).

This week 20k!

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Facebook Group page

For all those Facebook'ers out there, search for 'Empty the Tanks Indoor Rowing Team' group page to join in the fun!

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Jelly and Ice (scream)

I tried a second attempt at the Aug CTC today and faired much better than last time. No time penalties and I kept my pace pretty darn close to the set parameters:

1. 20spm 2:26
2. 19spm 2:26
3. 19spm 2:29
4. 19spm 2:31
5. 30spm 2:07
6. 30spm 2:11
7. 30spm 2:12
8. 30spm 2:10

As you can see there is a huge difference in my pace between the slow and fast strokes. I just don't have the power to pull in a decent pace at a slow stroke rate.
My legs were like jelly at the end of the session due to the exertion and the heat but my tip for rowing in hot weather is to put some ice in your water bottle for a lovely cool refreshing drink during the intervals.

New team mate Jonathan has entered a decent time today for the CTC, along with Diggy, Bouke and and Rob D. We have almost got boat two into the rankings already!

10 Mark Bower M ETT I  13:32.3    1:41.5  334.3
19 Joseph Smyntek M ETT I  13:52.0    1:44.0  311.1
20 Jonathan Turns ETT M ETT I  13:52.4    1:44.1  310.7
34 Rob Drury m ETT I  15:17.9    1:54.7  231.7
47 Caroline Joynson f ETT I  18:36.4    2:19.6  128.8
22 Bouke Dieleman M ETT II  13:54.6    1:44.3  308.2
27 Richard Young M ETT II  14:12.2    1:46.5  289.5
30 John Giles M ETT II  14:36.8    1:49.6  265.8
40 Diggy m ETT II  16:47.4    2:05.9  175.3
36 Phil Nolan M ETT III  15:24.3    1:55.5  226.9
41 Paul Merhib m ETT III  16:49.0    2:06.1  174.4
42 Mark Kaehler M ETT III  16:55.2    2:06.9  171.3

New team mates!

We have been joined by Jonathan who is an accomplished rower both on and off the water in the UK. Welcome to the team Jonathan; we all look forward to erging with you.

I have also spotted a new female team mate Diana F from the USA who has also affiliated to the team in the last month or so. Diana, its great to have another girl on board!

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Dog Days of Summer

Oops I forgot to remind you about the Dog Days of Summer individual competition which started on the 1st August.
There is still time to participate - you don't need to sign up as long as you upload your metres onto your logbook each week.

Row or ski, indoors or outdoors, completing each of the following four distance goals during the timeframes indicated and log them in your online logbook:
  • Week 1, Aug. 1–7: 10,000 meters
  • Week 2, Aug. 8–14: 20,000 meters
  • Week 3, Aug. 15–21: 30,000 meters
  • Week 4, Aug. 22–28: 40,000 meters
The distance goals do not have to be done in one sitting, but must be done during the timeframe indicated. By the end of the challenge, you will have accumulated 100,000 meters.

Boat one floated in Aug CTC

Oh yeah!!! Look at us go..... Thanks to lightweight rower Paul M who rowed the first x4 @ 20spm and then x4 @ 30spm we have boat one in the points rankings already.

Friday, 2 August 2013

Aug CTC strategies.....

Quite a few brave souls have embarked on the August Cross Team Challenge laid down by Sub 7.
Its a tricky little beast and I definitely need to do another one before the end of the month to right the terrible wrong that was my entry.

As team captain I have to whole heartedly apologise for my poor efforts (partly due to the fact that I thought that the penalties were for NOT going over 30spm!). Note to self - I must read the CTC instructions properly!
Let me share my embarrassing results. I went with Phil N's (I am not blaming Phil by the way) approach and alternated between 30spm then 20spm and so on.

The numbers looked like this: 26, 23, 29, 23, 29, 23, 29, 23 with a penalty of 19 seconds my final result of 19:23.3 which places me firmly at the bottom of the standings!

At least there seems to be a consistent pattern of a) not keeping below 20 and b) not keeping above 30!

Ric / Mark B's and Mark K's approach seems like a really good idea: start off with x 4 @ 20spm then kicking up into top gear for x4 @ 30spm!

Maybe next time I will try Dave B's suggestion of 24/26 throughout and just suck up the 40 second penalty?

What game plan are you going to try?

Only day two of the challenge and we have lots of red on the CTC leader board ETT'ers!
Keep up the great work.

BIRC 2013

Saturday 7th December 2013 BIRC Cardiff, Wales
The British Indoor Rowing Championships and Welsh Indoor Rowing Championships will be a combined event this year and will be held on the same day, Saturday 7th December 2013, at the Welsh Institute of Sport Sophia Gardens in Cardiff. The Rowing Company and Cardiff Harbour Authority have been working hard behind the scenes to lay on a full blown Indoor Rowing Championships with all the categories and we look forward to seeing you participate with the hearty true grit of indoor rowers in December. We have chosen Cardiff not only for the impressive venue but for all the other visitor attractions a City of this calibre has to offer.

Registration open: 19th August 2013

Who is going to attend?
Start training for the 2,000 metres now!
Follow this link for some good training programmes.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

August CTC (amendment)

There has been a change to the Sub 7 CTC row. Ignore the previous August CTC post!

Aug 2013 - The Sub 7 mixed stroke rate 8 x 500m / 2 minutes rest.

This challenge was chosen by SUB7 IRC.

You need to row 8 * 500m reps with 2 minutes rest.

Any 4 reps at 20SPM or below
Any 4 reps at 30SPM and above
The order those reps are done isn't important, you could row all the 30SPM reps then all the 20SPM reps.

You could alternate, you could do them randomly.

There's a one second penalty per SPM if you exceed rate 20 on the 20SPM reps or fail to rate 30 on the 30SPM reps.

Example: Rate 21 incurs a 1 second penalty per rep, Rate 22 incurs a 2 second penalty, and so on. Likewise, Rate 29 incurs a 1 second penalty, Rate 28 incurs a 2 second penalty, and so on.

Standing / Static start for the first rep. Standing or rolling for the 2nd to 8th reps. You are not allowed to row without taking the rest.

Record your final time including penalties for 4000m, do not include the rest time.

July CTC update and August CTC

What a great month! Not only were we joined by two new team mates Lucas and Laura, we floated five boats AND had 30 ETT'ers take part in the Banana Boat 2 minute blast restricted to 20spm. We almost floated a sixth boat (just needed one extra female rower) and partially filled a seventh boat (its the first time that has ever happened!).

There was a lot of healthy banter about this session and team mates went out of their comfort zones to help the team achieve our best participated Cross Team Challenge event ever!! Big congratulations to everybody who took part and for those members who continuously improved their results over the course of the month! Well done - you know who you are.....

Looking forward to rowing with you all again for the 6999 sub7k this month. See above post! Row strong ETT'ers!

# Name Cat Team Result Pace Power
43 Joseph Smyntek M ETT I 613   1:37.9  373.2
44 Mark Bower M ETT I 612   1:38.0  371.4
81 Lucas Nightingale M ETT I 599   1:40.2  348.3
195 Rob Drury m ETT I 548   1:49.5  266.7
286 Laura Nightingale F ETT I 496   2:01.0  197.7
93 Beat Emch M ETT II 589   1:41.9  331.1
97 Espen Holm M ETT II 586   1:42.4  326.1
117 Richard Young M ETT II 578   1:43.8  312.9
223 Mike Schnell m ETT II 532   1:52.8  244
335 Caroline Joynson f ETT II 455   2:11.9  152.6
166 John Giles M ETT III 560   1:47.1  284.6
173 Dave Pongracz M ETT III 557   1:47.7  280
184 Bouke Dieleman M ETT III 552   1:48.7  272.5
278 Paul Merhib m ETT III 505   1:58.8  208.7
365 jcurran f ETT III 382   2:37.1  90.3
191 Phil Nolan M ETT IV 549   1:49.3  268.1
204 Andy Soyring M ETT IV 544   1:50.3  260.9
219 edward jackson M ETT IV 536   1:51.9  249.5
326 Diggy m ETT IV 464   2:09.3  161.9
369 Maeve D. F ETT IV 355   2:49.0  72.5
238 David Bass M ETT V 525   1:54.3  234.5
269 Mark Kaehler M ETT V 510   1:57.6  214.9
271 Mike Bode M ETT V 508   1:58.1  212.4
339 JohnBetts m ETT V 451   2:13.0  148.6
371 K. Smyntek f ETT V 326   3:04.0  56.1
291 Norman Haas M ETT VI 491   2:02.2  191.8
318 Mike Fogel M ETT VI 469   2:07.9  167.2
319 Jim Moldenhauer M ETT VI 468   2:08.2  166.1
346 Leslie Fox m ETT VI 441   2:16.1  139
367 Phil Venables m ETT VII 378   2:38.7  87.5