Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Two boats go bananas!

Yeah! We have our second boat floated in this month's two minute restricted spm of 20 rate Cross Team Challenge. Thanks to Joe S' wife K for the second boat getting in the points rankings.

Thanks to the following team mates with several members with improved results by rowing it multiple times already. And we are only ten days into the month.

Come on ETT'ers its good fun!

16 pts
Empty the Tanks I551.4m
Mark Bower (H) 608 metres
Joseph Smyntek (H) 603 metres
John Giles (H) 560 metres
Rob Drury (L) 541 metres
Caroline Joynson (F) 445 metres

3 pts
Empty the Tanks II478.6m
Dave Pongracz (H) 557b metres
Phil Nolan (H) 546 metres
edward jackson (H) 509 metres
Paul Merhib (L) 493 metres
K. Smyntek (F) 288 metres

45Empty the Tanks III467.2m
Mike Bode (H) 491 metres
Mike Fogel (H) 469 metres
David Bass (H) 468 metres
Leslie Fox (L) 441 metres


  1. 20 strokes a minute challenge, obviously voted on by tall heavyweights. At 5' 4", 20 SPM is like trying to row in slow motion, you will not see me taking up this challenge !

  2. A pity, diggy, because they all count.

    So, as a very heavyweight, I decided to have another go just now. Lost count of strokes so had to eyeball it from the PM3 and so came up 2 or three strokes short at the end, but allowing for the full 3 seconds between full-effort pulls at the lowest resistance netted me a 514 meter distance - a huge improvement. Technique though? What's that?

  3. I wasn't too sure about this challenge either. I'm on the shorter side and finally decided to give it a try yesterday. I found my self spending a lot of time in the catch position waiting for a couple of seconds to go by. I finished with 487 meters and 19 SPM. Today I tried to stay in the finish position until it was about time for my next pull. I think the momentum going forward into the next pull generated a little more power than I was previously able to achieve. I finished this second attempt with 500 meters and 19 SPM. I now have to use that extra stroke to add a few more meters.

  4. I agree with Mike - you do feel like you are waiting at the catch for the next pull, but if you really push hard with your legs on the drive its a good bit of recovery time : )

  5. Give it a go Diggy - you never know you might like it.... its only two minutes anyway

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  7. That's what I like "team pressure"...I mean "team support" !! If I pull/strain anything, there'll be trouble !

  8. This challenge is certainly geared towards tall people. I generally low a pretty low spm (24-27) so dropping down to 20spm isn't a big thing to me. I slow myself down by over-extending further than I normally do on the finish. Not only does it slow me down, it also adds a little bit of flywheel momentum.

    Another trick I have done is that I do my first 5 strokes as fast as I can. My erg is set all the way at 10, so getting the flywheel up to speed is very important. By the 5th stroke, I can drop down to about a 1:23 pace with my total pace right around 1:29.

    From there, I settle into a 19spm pace for the rest of the way. My strokes are average between 1:39 and 1:42. If I could just keep my form and get rid of the 1:41 and 1:42 strokes, I think I will be able to hit 610m.

  9. Some great tips there Joe!
    Diggy - it definately is only friendly banter... I hope you don't pull/strain anything if you do attempt the session ! : ) Mak sure you have a decent warm up before giving it a go.

  10. This challenge has certainly generated a lot of debate and discussion, not only here but also on the ctc page and other team pages in the c2 forum as well. Congratulations really must go to Bananaboat for this seemingly simple but controversal challenge.

    This challenge certainly does favour the taller, bigger heavy weights but that's the beauty of the ctc's. Different challenges favour different individuals. But i think that EVERYONE can benefit from this and these challenges regardless of physical stature, capacity and preference.

    The great thing i think about the ctc's is that they challenge your comfort zones, have you rowing pieces that you normally wouldn't and teach you lessons that you can incorporate into your usual training to make you a better rower.

    My preference is for challenges that combine strength and endurance i.e. the middle distances. This challenge doesn't really suit me because i lack the explosive speed required for the sprint distances.

    Lessons i have learnt from this are; importance of stroke rate, technique, application of each stroke to maximise output and tactics. I'm gutted that i can't give this challenge another go due to injury. Hopefully i'll be back mid next month!

    Congratulations all that have taken part in this challenge!

    All the best
    Dave P:)

    P.S. Congrats to Joe S you have really taken the 'bull by the horns' with this challenge

    P.S.S. Diggy what can you learn from this challenge and how can it benefit your rowing?

    P.S.S.S There is nothing wrong with a bit of friendly 'all in good spirit' intra and inter team banter just look at the aussies and english in the first ashes cricket test:)

    P.S.S.S.S ....... sorry for all the PSSSSS's and rambling ....... i'm outta here:)

  11. Deffo a challenge for the taller amongst us! At 6', or thereabouts, I find it just about okay at r20. I try to keep the momentum going, keep a smooth technique and basically drive as hard as I can! I also find a large "Heeeeuuuuuuuughhhhh" with each pull helps, something I'm not sure goes down well with the other guys in the work gym - or the office next door!

    I don't have any tricks or tips I can pass on, I start hard at 1:38 r20 and basically pull that all the way through. Beating the fade at the end is about the hardest thing, but I find not going too fast at the start evens it all out. On my second attempt where I did 612m I found I couldn't actually pull any harder at such a slow speed, with my wrist problems I've really been neglecting my upper body weights work. Hopefully that will pick up again now, although I did just aggravate my wrist tonight by playing football (I'm a goalkeeper!).

  12. Well done everyone for their performances on this challenge. I had another attempt on Saturday morning but equalled rather than bettered my previous result. I think I lost my way half way through and had to pull back on my strokes as I got ahead of myself.

    As has been said, it is best to not spend time sitting at the catch, which is what I ended up doing. Probably because I lost momentum I over pulled my final stroke and ended up sliding off the machine, which could have been nasty, but thankfully no harm done. I think I lost a couple of metres as a result however!

  13. Sorry, forgot to mention Dave B, what a fabulous improvement. Well done!!