Friday, 26 July 2013

Stop press. More exciting news than a royal baby!

What can be more exciting than a new royal baby King-to-be you ask?!
We have only gone and floated our fifth boat into the points rankings for this months Cross Team Challenge! A big thank you to Maeve D a lovely new team mate who has joined the Tank'ers today!

Welcome to the team Maeve and we look forward to rowing with you in future challenges.

We are only two team mates away from having the most participated CTC event in ETT history, so if you haven't yet tried the two minute Bananas session under 20 spm give it a go over the next five days.

Such happy news to start the weekend! Whoop whoop!

38 Mark Bower Empty the Tanks I 612   1:38.0  371.4
41 Joseph Smyntek Empty the Tanks I 612   1:38.0  371.4
74 Lucas Nightingale Empty the Tanks I 592   1:41.4  336.2
164 Rob Drury Empty the Tanks I 548   1:49.5  266.7
258 Laura Nightingale Empty the Tanks I 488   2:03.0  188.3
78 Beat Emch Empty the Tanks II 589   1:41.9  331.1
98 Richard Young Empty the Tanks II 578   1:43.8  312.9
138 John Giles Empty the Tanks II 560   1:47.1  284.6
193 Mike Schnell Empty the Tanks II 532   1:52.8  244
298 Caroline Joynson Empty the Tanks II 447   2:14.2  144.7
146 Dave Pongracz Empty the Tanks III 557   1:47.7  280
168 Phil Nolan Empty the Tanks III 546   1:49.9  263.7
172 Andy Soyring Empty the Tanks III 544   1:50.3  260.9
240 Paul Merhib Empty the Tanks III 505   1:58.8  208.7
316 jcurran Empty the Tanks III 382   2:37.1  90.3
188 edward jackson Empty the Tanks IV 536   1:51.9  249.5
212 David Bass Empty the Tanks IV 522   1:54.9  230.5
230 Mark Kaehler Empty the Tanks IV 510   1:57.6  214.9
304 Leslie Fox Empty the Tanks IV 441   2:16.1  139
320 Maeve D. Empty the Tanks IV 355   2:49.0  72.5
232 Mike Bode Empty the Tanks V 508   1:58.1  212.4
254 Norman Haas Empty the Tanks V 491   2:02.2  191.8
281 Mike Fogel Empty the Tanks V 469   2:07.9  167.2
318 Phil Venables Empty the Tanks V 378   2:38.7  87.5
322 K. Smyntek Empty the Tanks V 288   3:28.3  38.7
282 Jim Moldenhauer Empty the Tanks VI 468   2:08.2  166.1


  1. Great work team! It's awesome to see the great participation numbers!

  2. Eventually did my piece, thanks for the encouragement team, it was not so frustrating in the end. The result was 3rd attempt. Way to go EETers, really enjoying being part of this team with this lively blog !

  3. Ace news Diggy and well done on giving it a go after your initial worries!!
    Yes we have had a good run this month!

  4. Well done ETT, this was my best C2CTC result at 611m so only a fraction behind your top results, what does one have to do to qualify for joining your teams/boats?

    Craig Hudson

  5. Hi Craig,
    If you click on the CTC tab at the top of this blog there is step-by-step instructions about how to join a Cross Team Challenge. If you click on the "About the Team" tab there are instructions about joining ETT too. Would be great to have you on board!

  6. Craig, I noticed you added yourself to the CTC but you are listed with 'Independent'. If you wanted to be part of the ETT team, you need to change your team. To do that, go to the website, go to the 'Add or Update a Person' in the top right of the screen. From there, select your name, put in your password, then select 'Empty the Tanks' from the team list and then click 'Update Details'. That should change you team over.

    But if you meant to be part of the 'Independent' team, just ignore my post. And great effort by the way!