Monday, 8 July 2013

One banarama boat floated

We have successfully floated our first boat in this months Banana Boat two minute row with a restricted stroke rate of 20 or less.

I gave it my all, but I can definitely improve on this session before the month is out.
My average SPM was 19 on this so I will up the speed a little bit to get better momentum for a faster row.

11 pts
Empty the Tanks I548.2m
Mark Bower (H) 608 metres
Joseph Smyntek (H) 598 metres
Dave Pongracz (H) 557 metres
Rob Drury (L) 541 metres
Caroline Joynson (F) 437 metres

39Empty the Tanks II492.7m
Phil Nolan (H) 451 metres
Mike Fogel (H) 469 metres
David Bass (H) 468 metres
Paul Merhib (L) 493 metres

41Empty the Tanks III441m
Leslie Fox (L) 441 metres


  1. I spy an enormous improvement by Phil this morning and lots of incremental improvements by everyone else.

    I want to know Phil's secret!

  2. Well spotted Dave B! Yes, Phil let us into your secret!!

  3. Thanks David and Caroline for your comments. To be quite honest I've just been having a stab at improving my performance every other day or so. I've gone from 535 to 539, then 541 to 546, so it is gradual rather than dramatic! Although I will continue to try to get better I think that I am reaching my ceiling for this challenge. I am rowing with the damper on 8 (drag factor 177 on my machine), which seems to work best for me for this challenge

    Probably the shorter distance challenges suit me best at present because I think I'm stronger than I am fit (something I'm working on as my performance over longer distances are pretty moderate!).

    I am in awe at these people who are hitting 600 metres plus! The machine must be just about ready to take off!

    Great to see Joe encourage a member of his family to join in the challenge. I am trying to get my wife to have a go, but she is a bit concerned about the low stroke rate as she occasionally gets soreness in her arms and elbows when she pushes herself in terms of pace.

  4. Thanks Phil! I am quite happy to finally get my wife on the erg. That row was her very first logged piece. Hopefully I can have her give it one more shot before the end of the month (she's out of town with the kids for a bit) to improve on her time.

    She certainly had trouble keeping the low spm. I think she will be a ~30spm rower. Hopefully she will get hooked on it like I have!

  5. Yes Joe - Nice work on encouraging your wife to get involved. We look forward to rowing with her in the future : )