Sunday, 7 July 2013

July CTC update

Hello everybody, I hope you are all well.
For those who live in Europe I hope you have been enjoying the delightful weather over the past week.

The current status of the two minute restricted at 20 spm July Cross Team Challenge is as follows:

23Empty the Tanks I576m
Mark Bower (H)
Joseph Smyntek (H)
Dave Pongracz (H)
Rob Drury (L)

35Empty the Tanks II492.2m
Phil Nolan (H)
Mike Fogel (H)
David Bass (H)
Paul Merhib (L)

37Empty the Tanks III441m
Leslie Fox (L)

Its great to see Mark back with us after a small absence due to his wrist injury, Phil, Dave P, Dave B and Joe have all been debating the best approach to this fast and furious challenge.

Over the past five years indoor rowing I have worked on getting my stroke rate down by pushing more power from my legs, particularly the thighs. I imagine I am pushing the C2 away from my body with a huge force then follow the leg 'push' with my upper body.

Depending on the stroke rate restriction, I finish the stroke by really pulling the oar towards my chest (this can sneak out a couple of extra metres before you need to repeat the cycle).

Good luck with this session folks. I will definitely join you in the bananas two minute Banana Boat row this week. 


  1. Very good advice Caroline. This challenge really emphasises the necessity of correct technique for best results.

    I think my technique is slightly flawed and i guess that's why my short distance 'sprint' results are quite ordinary when compared to my longer distance 'endurance' results - something for me to work on!

    However i doubt i'll have another go at this challenge due to a minor (but lingering)injury that i don't want to make worse. I'm also feeling a bit sore and sorry for my self from a half marathon i ran in yesterday - i finished it in about 2:04.00 which is 43 minutes slower than my best rowing HM.

    I watched the Wimbledon mens final last night (well done to Andy, the first Brit in 77yrs? to win) and heard that it was the warmest day so far this English summer. Here we are experiencing our driest winter in recorded history with temps in the mid twenties (celsius) and we are screaming out for rain!

    All the best
    Dave P:)

    P.S. the Ashes start soon

  2. Hi Dave,
    First of all congratulations on your half marathon run and thanks for your contribution to this month's challenge.
    You are best to rest up and let your injury heal before getting back to any major work-outs.
    Look forward to rowing with you again when you are good and ready : )
    Hope you get some much needed rain over there....