Thursday, 25 July 2013

August CTC

Next month's Cross Team Challenge is almost a polar opposite type of session. This is a mid-distance with no rate restrictions or times rests, it is a straight forward row of 6999 metres - the sub7k (set by the Sub 7 indoor rowing team of course).

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  1. Looks like they changed their mind about this. I think this will be a killer...

    From CTC thread:

    "The Sub 7 mixed stroke rate 8 x 500m / 2 min rest:

    Any 4 intervals at 20spm or below

    Any 4 intervals at 30spm or above.

    1 second penalty added to the overall time per 1spm if you're over 20spm or under 30spm.

    So, 30,20,30,20,30,20,28,22spm is 4 x 1secs penalties, so add 4 seconds!!

    This gives you an opportunity to row the 20spm reps at 25spm if you like and only incur a 5 second penalty per rep, so it adds an element of strategy to the challenge. Also, the element of fun & strategy in deciding which way round to row your reps - ie, low rate ones first, high rate ones first, or alternately.

    Not simple, not complicated! Somewhere in between. Most will get it, some won't, but that'll just be the usual people!! Will have appeal to both high & low raters! "