Sunday, 28 July 2013

Four days left to get our sixth boat floated

Come on ETT'ers we can do this!
We only need three more team mates to float our sixth boat into the points rankings..... who hasn't taken part yet? We need your help in the next four days!!

Friday, 26 July 2013

Stop press. More exciting news than a royal baby!

What can be more exciting than a new royal baby King-to-be you ask?!
We have only gone and floated our fifth boat into the points rankings for this months Cross Team Challenge! A big thank you to Maeve D a lovely new team mate who has joined the Tank'ers today!

Welcome to the team Maeve and we look forward to rowing with you in future challenges.

We are only two team mates away from having the most participated CTC event in ETT history, so if you haven't yet tried the two minute Bananas session under 20 spm give it a go over the next five days.

Such happy news to start the weekend! Whoop whoop!

38 Mark Bower Empty the Tanks I 612   1:38.0  371.4
41 Joseph Smyntek Empty the Tanks I 612   1:38.0  371.4
74 Lucas Nightingale Empty the Tanks I 592   1:41.4  336.2
164 Rob Drury Empty the Tanks I 548   1:49.5  266.7
258 Laura Nightingale Empty the Tanks I 488   2:03.0  188.3
78 Beat Emch Empty the Tanks II 589   1:41.9  331.1
98 Richard Young Empty the Tanks II 578   1:43.8  312.9
138 John Giles Empty the Tanks II 560   1:47.1  284.6
193 Mike Schnell Empty the Tanks II 532   1:52.8  244
298 Caroline Joynson Empty the Tanks II 447   2:14.2  144.7
146 Dave Pongracz Empty the Tanks III 557   1:47.7  280
168 Phil Nolan Empty the Tanks III 546   1:49.9  263.7
172 Andy Soyring Empty the Tanks III 544   1:50.3  260.9
240 Paul Merhib Empty the Tanks III 505   1:58.8  208.7
316 jcurran Empty the Tanks III 382   2:37.1  90.3
188 edward jackson Empty the Tanks IV 536   1:51.9  249.5
212 David Bass Empty the Tanks IV 522   1:54.9  230.5
230 Mark Kaehler Empty the Tanks IV 510   1:57.6  214.9
304 Leslie Fox Empty the Tanks IV 441   2:16.1  139
320 Maeve D. Empty the Tanks IV 355   2:49.0  72.5
232 Mike Bode Empty the Tanks V 508   1:58.1  212.4
254 Norman Haas Empty the Tanks V 491   2:02.2  191.8
281 Mike Fogel Empty the Tanks V 469   2:07.9  167.2
318 Phil Venables Empty the Tanks V 378   2:38.7  87.5
322 K. Smyntek Empty the Tanks V 288   3:28.3  38.7
282 Jim Moldenhauer Empty the Tanks VI 468   2:08.2  166.1

Thursday, 25 July 2013

August CTC

Next month's Cross Team Challenge is almost a polar opposite type of session. This is a mid-distance with no rate restrictions or times rests, it is a straight forward row of 6999 metres - the sub7k (set by the Sub 7 indoor rowing team of course).

Four boats in this months CTC and new team mates

Amazing! Thanks to new team mate Lucas and his wife Laura we have floated our fourth boat into the points rankings. Nice work there guys you have erg'ed yourselves into the top boat with some impressive results.

Lots of ETT'er have improved on their times over the past month which is fantastic stuff. Keep up the great work folks.

33 pts
Empty the Tanks I570m
Mark Bower (H) 612 metres
Joseph Smyntek (H) 610 metres
Lucas Nightingale (H) 591 metres
Rob Drury (L) 548 metres
Laura Nightingale (F) 488 metres

20 pts
Empty the Tanks II541.2m
Beat Emch (H) 589 metres
Richard Young (H) 570 metres
John Giles (H) 560 metres
Mike Schnell (L) 532 metres
Caroline Joynson (F) 447 metres

10 pts
Empty the Tanks III505.2m
Dave Pongracz (H) 557 metres
Phil Nolan (H) 546 metres
edward jackson (H) 536 metres
Paul Merhib (L) 505 metres
jcurran (F) 382 metres

2 pts
Empty the Tanks IV452.2m
David Bass (H) 514 metres
Mark Kaehler (H) 510 metres
Mike Bode (H) 508 metres
Leslie Fox (L) 441 metres
K. Smyntek (F) 288 metres

67Empty the Tanks V451.5m
Norman Haas (H) 491 metres
Mike Fogel (H) 469 metres
Jim Moldenhauer (H) 468 metres
Phil Venables (L) 378 metres

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Boat Three in the CTC

A few days ago we floated our third boat into the points rankings thanks to Jean C who rowed the two minute Banana Boat blast at 20 spm.

We have had a high participation rate this month with 23 team mates battling the madness of two minutes at a slow stroke rate!

If two girls get on the the C2 for a two minute session we could have five boats floated into the points rankings.

Name Metres Pace Power
33 Mark Bower 612   1:38.0  371.4
38 Joseph Smyntek 610   1:38.4  367.8
66 Beat Emch 589   1:41.9  331.1
75 Lucas Nightingale 581   1:43.3  317.8
82 Richard Young 578   1:43.8  312.9
118 John Giles 560   1:47.1  284.6
125 Dave Pongracz 557   1:47.7  280
146 Rob Drury 547   1:49.7  265.2
147 Phil Nolan 546   1:49.9  263.7
189 edward jackson 518   1:55.8  225.2
192 David Bass 514   1:56.7  220
202 Mike Bode 508   1:58.1  212.4
217 Mike Schnell 500   2:00.0  202.5
220 Paul Merhib 497   2:00.7  198.9
221 Mark Kaehler 497   2:00.7  198.9
226 Norman Haas 491   2:02.2  191.8
249 Mike Fogel 469   2:07.9  167.2
250 Jim Moldenhauer 468   2:08.2  166.1
264 Caroline Joynson 447   2:14.2  144.7
270 Leslie Fox 441   2:16.1  139
280 jcurran 382   2:37.1  90.3
282 Phil Venables 378   2:38.7  87.5
285 K. Smyntek 288   3:28.3  38.7

Sunday, 14 July 2013

ETT'ers go bananas for the July CTC

This months two minute challenge with a spm of 20 or below has caused so much debate, chatter and controversy amongst the team which is great!

So far twenty team mates have entered results for the session. Nice job folks!
We now need some female team mates to tackle this challenge to float more boats into the points rankings.

21 pts
Empty the Tanks I558.4m
Mark Bower (H) 612 metres
Joseph Smyntek (H) 603 metres
Beat Emch (H) 589 metres
Rob Drury (L) 543 metres
Caroline Joynson (F) 445 metres

5 pts
Empty the Tanks II496.6m
Richard Young (H) 578 metres
John Giles (H) 560 metres
Dave Pongracz (H) 557 metres
Mike Schnell (L) 500 metres
K. Smyntek (F) 288 metres

50Empty the Tanks III515.5m
Phil Nolan (H) 546 metres
David Bass (H) 514 metres
edward jackson (H) 509 metres
Paul Merhib (L) 493 metres

53Empty the Tanks IV477.2m
Mike Bode (H) 508 metres
Norman Haas (H) 491 metres
Mike Fogel (H) 469 metres
Leslie Fox (L) 441 metres

56Empty the Tanks V423m
Jim Moldenhauer (H) 468 metres
Phil Venables (L) 378 metres

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Two boats go bananas!

Yeah! We have our second boat floated in this month's two minute restricted spm of 20 rate Cross Team Challenge. Thanks to Joe S' wife K for the second boat getting in the points rankings.

Thanks to the following team mates with several members with improved results by rowing it multiple times already. And we are only ten days into the month.

Come on ETT'ers its good fun!

16 pts
Empty the Tanks I551.4m
Mark Bower (H) 608 metres
Joseph Smyntek (H) 603 metres
John Giles (H) 560 metres
Rob Drury (L) 541 metres
Caroline Joynson (F) 445 metres

3 pts
Empty the Tanks II478.6m
Dave Pongracz (H) 557b metres
Phil Nolan (H) 546 metres
edward jackson (H) 509 metres
Paul Merhib (L) 493 metres
K. Smyntek (F) 288 metres

45Empty the Tanks III467.2m
Mike Bode (H) 491 metres
Mike Fogel (H) 469 metres
David Bass (H) 468 metres
Leslie Fox (L) 441 metres

Monday, 8 July 2013

One banarama boat floated

We have successfully floated our first boat in this months Banana Boat two minute row with a restricted stroke rate of 20 or less.

I gave it my all, but I can definitely improve on this session before the month is out.
My average SPM was 19 on this so I will up the speed a little bit to get better momentum for a faster row.

11 pts
Empty the Tanks I548.2m
Mark Bower (H) 608 metres
Joseph Smyntek (H) 598 metres
Dave Pongracz (H) 557 metres
Rob Drury (L) 541 metres
Caroline Joynson (F) 437 metres

39Empty the Tanks II492.7m
Phil Nolan (H) 451 metres
Mike Fogel (H) 469 metres
David Bass (H) 468 metres
Paul Merhib (L) 493 metres

41Empty the Tanks III441m
Leslie Fox (L) 441 metres

Sunday, 7 July 2013

July CTC update

Hello everybody, I hope you are all well.
For those who live in Europe I hope you have been enjoying the delightful weather over the past week.

The current status of the two minute restricted at 20 spm July Cross Team Challenge is as follows:

23Empty the Tanks I576m
Mark Bower (H)
Joseph Smyntek (H)
Dave Pongracz (H)
Rob Drury (L)

35Empty the Tanks II492.2m
Phil Nolan (H)
Mike Fogel (H)
David Bass (H)
Paul Merhib (L)

37Empty the Tanks III441m
Leslie Fox (L)

Its great to see Mark back with us after a small absence due to his wrist injury, Phil, Dave P, Dave B and Joe have all been debating the best approach to this fast and furious challenge.

Over the past five years indoor rowing I have worked on getting my stroke rate down by pushing more power from my legs, particularly the thighs. I imagine I am pushing the C2 away from my body with a huge force then follow the leg 'push' with my upper body.

Depending on the stroke rate restriction, I finish the stroke by really pulling the oar towards my chest (this can sneak out a couple of extra metres before you need to repeat the cycle).

Good luck with this session folks. I will definitely join you in the bananas two minute Banana Boat row this week.