Tuesday, 11 June 2013

June CTC

A sunny Saturday afternoon in Regent's
Park Square Garden with BT Tower 
Well done to our great male team mates who have rowed the PaddyPower interval this month.
 As Team Captain I feel a tad guilty that I haven't tried the session yet - the sun has been out and my bike has been calling.....
I promise to upload metres this weekend so we can get at least one boat into the points rankings. Come on girls let's get on those C2's!!

Dave P has analysed the team performance for the last two CTC sets and has deduced the following:

"I crunched a few numbers comparing last month's times with this month's, for the 9 people who have so far contributed to both. Factoring in the slightly shorter distance (5500/5555), it seems that people are on average 64 seconds quicker than the slightly shorter distance would account for. (The range is 41 seconds to 87.)

The time to do the extra 55 meters is typically between 12 and 15 seconds, so people should perhaps be looking to set times that are between about 55 and 100 seconds quicker than last month"

Great work Dave, you are hereby officially ETT's data analyst! Nice work there : )

Current performance:

Position  Name Cat Result Pace Power
18  Mark B M  18:40.7    1:41.9  331
20  Richard Y M  18:44.5    1:42.2  327.6
36  Dave P M  19:13.8    1:44.9  303.3
40  Chris W m  19:24.1    1:45.8  295.3
63  John G M  20:02.4    1:49.3  268
73  Mike B M  20:23.0    1:51.2  254.7
78  Rob D m  20:31.6    1:52.0  249.4
82  Norman H M  20:38.7    1:52.6  245.1
128  Mark K M  24:01.9    2:11.1  155.4


  1. I wasn't happy with this challenge initially, it seemed like a lot of work to set it up. Fortunately, RowPro quickly responded to my email and explained how to program it, so the set up now is easy.

    I hoped to have a better strategy when I rowed it the second time last night, but only saved three seconds. Found that my heart rate didn't really drop in the minute between the 800m and 700m legs, so I started and finished "fast" but was hurting in the middle legs as I slowly recovered. ("fast" for me - but not compared to others)

    I've been in a rut lately, my :30 results have been gradually deteriorating, so I hope this interval challenge will help me get back on the path to faster times.

    Mark K

  2. Great stuff Mark K and thanks for your perspective on this. Caroline