Sunday, 30 June 2013

July CTC 2013

Next month's Cross Team Challenge set by Banana Boat team is a short sharp 2 minute blast at 20 strokes (or less) per minute.


  1. Sorry for missing last month's challenge. I hurt my back last month and i have been seeing a chiropractor who has finally got me back in order. Unfoutnately my aerobic fitness took a hit and i had to bail on both attempts i tried due to not being able to catch my breath.

    Forunately this months challenge requires good strengh and anerobic fitness. These are two things i really excel in. My 1st attempt was promising and i think i can possibly break 1:40 with a few corrections.

    Also i have purchased my own model D and i will be signing my wife up so we'll have another female competitor.

    Good luck everyone!

  2. Firstly, sorry to hear about your back Joe - glad to hear you are on the mend.
    Secondly, great news about your new purchase and we look forward to welcoming your lovely wife on the team : )

  3. I've already had a couple of goes at this challenge and the most challenging part of it was finding a rhythm to achieve <20spm.

    I failed the first couple of times and by the third i concentrated purely on technique / rhythm at the sacrifice of power just to get a feel for it but thought i would record my result anyway. I'll introduce more power whilst maintaining technique / rhythm the next time with the aim of getting up to 600m

    I think this is a good challenge because it really gets you to concentrate on effective and efficient technique in order to optimise output (metres per stroke) to achieve best results. Dave P :)

    P.S. Joe - sorry to hear about your back mate but glad you're on the recovery. Congrats on buying your own model D, there'll be no stopping you now:) I've had model C for about 15 years and it's still going strong - best buy i've ever made!

  4. I have no idea where to start with such a low stroke rate. I seem to be comfortable at about 28spm! Any tips?

  5. It's encouraging to see so many comments on here now, and I can only echo everyone's best wishes for you Joe. My wrist is almost mended now, I might be able to tentatively start some gentle erging in a week or 2. In the meantime I've taken to running, which isn't something my body shape seems suited to (a taxi driver once said to me 'F*** me you've got big legs!' the moment I sat down!!). It's keeping my cardio fitness up though, so I'll only have to work on the back/shoulders again.

    David - the only suggestion I have is to go slower! Ric and I were both 28-32spm rowers, but with some practice we got used to slower erging. It is a different discipline though, it really works the muscles as opposed to relying on cardio ability. You'll sweat!!

  6. I am enjoying this challenge but also find that it is difficult to get a feel of how to pace myself or hit any rhythm. I normally row at between 24 and 30spm, dependent on distance. I failed with my first attempt as I ended up rowing 41 strokes, but have since succeeded twice by actually counting the strokes as I'm rowing (although I still haven't got it right as I am left unable to row for a couple of seconds at the end because I've used up my 40 strokes!). I agree that rowing in this way challenges technique and I am finding that I'm really concentrating on trying to row 'properly'. I am struggling to work out where to set the damper. Thinking I'd need maximum power I started with the lever on 10 (damper 215), but my last attempt was with the lever on 8 and that was slightly better. Good luck everybody. Phil N

  7. I did pretty much the same thing twice, but with the damper set to 10 and 1. Respectively, 424 and 468 meters. Slowing the rate may give the low damper setting a better balance between power strokes and coasting when recovering. My technique is lousy, not helped by there being a belly in the way.

  8. On 10, I am around 1:38-1:41. On 8, I am around 1:42-1:43. I have not tried anything lighter. I need to speed up a bit as i keep finishing at 19spm. If i get the full amount of strokes, i could possibly break 610m.