Sunday, 12 May 2013

May CTC update

Unlike the British summer time, things are hotting up in the May ETT Cross Team Challenge.

Over 16 team mates have rowed the 5555 metres so far, but we have only one boat floated in the points rankings because only one female (me) has taken part. We have three partially filled boats left on 'dry land'.

ETT'ers - you need to encourage, cajole and 'pull in' favours of any female team mates so that we can see more red boats on the CTC web-page!

10 pts
Empty the Tanks I21:58.7
Bouke Dieleman (H) 20:46.8
Dave Pongracz (H) 20:48.7
John Syms (H) 21:19.4
Rob Drury (L) 21:54.0
Caroline Joynson (F) 25:05.0

30Empty the Tanks II22:31.7
Mike Bode (H) 21:35.3
Andy Soyring (H) 21:40.4
Norman Haas (H) 21:45.6
Diggy (L) 25:05.5

35Empty the Tanks III23:57.1
edward jackson (H) 22:41.3
Phil Nolan (H) 22:57.9
Mike Fogel (H) 24:58.7
Leslie Fox (L) 25:10.5

42Empty the Tanks IV25:54.8
Mark Kaehler (H) 25:40.5
David Bass (H) 26:48.4
Paul Merhib (L) 25:15.3

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