Wednesday, 1 May 2013

First day of the 2014 indoor rowing season

What goals and challenges have you set yourself this year?

  • You could take part in the Global Marathon Challenge which runs from 1st - 15th May. Row a half or full marathon to get your name on the honour board. Read more details here: Global Marathon Challenge 2014
  • The final round of the C2 Challenge Series is a 500 metres sprint finish.
  • Of course there is the ETT May Cross Team Challenge to get your season off to a decent mid-distance session of 5555 metres.

One of my goals as team captain is to get SIX boats floated in this months CTC challenge; we have enough active members in the team - we just need to encourage each other to take part!!

Two team mates have already got the boat ready..... we just need to launch it in the water with three more ETT'ers.


  1. Happy Erg New Year to all! Hope that everyone is enjoying the spring & feeling fit. I'm looking forward to our team challenges & really enjoy the blog.

    Andy S

  2. Thanks Andy - enjoy the new season and give it your best shot for the 5555 metres : )

  3. To all the ETT team members have a great indoor rowing this season. Winter is closing in down here in Santiago. Hoping to be able to do at least another 1 million metres this season and if travel (and body) permits maybe even try for 2 million! Keep up the blogging Caroline, keep up the rowing ETTers !