Monday, 13 May 2013

Boat two floated in the CTC

Wahoooo! Jean C has uploaded a great time for the CTC ETT 5555 metres which means boat two is now well and truly floated into the points rankings.

Come on girls - empty your tank with 5555 metres in the next 18 days : )

11 pts
Empty the Tanks I21:58.7
Bouke Dieleman (H) 20:46.8
Dave Pongracz (H) 20:48.7
John Syms (H) 21:19.4
 Rob Drury (L) 21:54.0
Caroline Joynson (F) 25:05.0

2 pts
Empty the Tanks II24:42.1
Mike Bode (H) 21:35.3
Andy Soyring (H) 21:40.4
Norman Haas (H) 21:45.6
Diggy (L) 25:05.5

jcurran (F)33:23.7

38Empty the Tanks III23:57.1
edward jackson (H) 22:41.3
Phil Nolan (H) 22:57.9
Mike Fogel (H) 24:58.7
Leslie Fox (L) 25:10.5

43Empty the Tanks IV25:54.8
Mark Kaehler (H) 25:40.5
David Bass (H) 26:48.4
Paul Merhib (L) 25:15.3

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