Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Last day of the 2013 indoor rowing season!

Make sure you have ranked any PB sessions from this year because tomorrow we have a fresh start with the 2014 season.

We finished 11th out of 1778 world-wide teams in the affiliation rankings for the 2013 season. As a team we collectively rowed 50,880,168 metres which is an average of 500k from every team mate! Well done to everybody who has rowed with the Tank'ers this year. I look forward to rowing with you all again next season.

Have you got any 2013 PB's you would like to share with the team?

As if I needed to remind you, but it is the May Cross Team Challenge suggested by our very own Dave P and selected by ETT'ers. It is a brisk 5555 metres to start the indoor rowing season off with gusto!

Check out the C2 UK forum to see what people think of our CTC choice: http://concept2.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=9964&p=610289#p610289

Let's get as many boats floated as we can in the first week - We are all in it together team!
We have the capacity to float over six boats over the month so let's really go for it.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Have you rowed April's CTC and the Challenge Series yet?

It's not too late to contribute to the April Cross Team Challenge. We are in desperate need of some female rowers so we can get more boats into the points rankings.
As you can see below, we would be able to get three boats floated if two more ladies rowed the short, sharp 639 metres!

31 pts
Empty the Tanks I2:07.1
Mark Bower (H)
Joseph Smyntek (H)
Dave Pongracz (H)
Chris Wheatley (L)
Caroline Joynson (F)

49Empty the Tanks II2:09.3
Bouke Dieleman (H)
edward jackson (H)
Mike Bode (H)
Rob Drury (L)

57Empty the Tanks III2:23.1
Norman Haas (H)
Phil Nolan (H)
David Bass (H)
Leslie Fox (L)

59Empty the Tanks IV2:30.2
Mark Kaehler (H)

Has anybody else noticed a new indoor rowing team on the CTC scene called 'Eat the Chain'?!
sounds a bit familiar....... now they have four boats floated in this months challenge.

Talking of challenges. It looks like the final vote for the May CTC is the distance suggested by Dave P:

5555 metres. No drag or pace restrictions.

The Challenge Series penultimate round is 16 minutes and 19 seconds. 

Monday, 15 April 2013

The final day of the WEC 2013!

Wow! Its the final day of the challenge and we have rowed our little / big socks off (I have rowed holes into three pairs of socks in a month).

Anybody else have any stories based on the WEC 2013?

There has been some awesome numbers from our fellow team mates.

  • Gold - Ric is still in pole position with 640k (53 / 2870 individuals!)
  • Silver - Preston reached the 500k+ mark
  • Bronze - Rob D erged 400k
  • Beat took 4th place with over 300k
  • Andy S, Joh S, Paul M, Mike B, John D, Phil N, Norman and Mike have rowed over 200k
  • Caroline, Bouke, Hector, Esa, Leslie, David, Chris W, John G, Phil V, Dave P, Craig, Mike P, Mark K, Mark B and Shawn have all contributed over 100k
  • Salvador, Matt B, Joe S, Andy J, Robert K, Karine, John B, Darren, Edward, Bill and Joe have rowed over 50k
  • Jean, Fred, Mike F, Claire, Joe C, Gary, David and Chris V have all contributed to the final standings of this year's WEC
Well done everybody. Go have some fun and enjoy yourselves! You deserve it ; )

Final day WEC 2013 = 50 team mates = 13/147 teams = 6,952,443 metres (so close to 7 million!)
1 Richard Young 640,000
2 Preston Zale 522,500
3 Rob Drury 410,012
4 Beat Emch 317,985
5 Andy Soyring 287,205
6 John Silverberg 269,934
7 Paul Merhib 263,000
8 Mike Bode 235,034
9 John Digweed 227,362
10 Phil Nolan 225,501
11 Norman Haas 215,501
12 Mike Schnell 200,103
13 Caroline Joynson 178,815
14 Bouke Dieleman 176,732
15 hector m guerrero villa 160,187
16 Esa Lahnakoski 157,802
17 Leslie Fox 155,555
18 David Marlar 150,698
19 Chris Wheatley 142,208
20 John Giles 136,636
21 Phil Venables 134,518
22 Dave Pongracz 129,484
23 Craig Waugh 126,141
24 Mike Pohl 125,709
25 Mark Kaehler 125,071
26 Mark Bower 101,701
27 Shawn Kenaley 101,159
28 Salvador Hinojosa 96,367
29 Matthew Brewster 95,162
30 Joseph Smyntek 94,943
31 Andy Jones 93,489
32 Robert Kubath 93,198
33 Karine Girod 84,322
34 John Betts 82,456
35 Darren Whetton 70,585
36 Edward Jackson 64,500
37 Bill St.Louis 59,463
38 Joe Donar 54,126
39 Jean Curran 33,300
40 Fred Rogers 28,640
41 Mike Fogel 27,052
42 Claire Nolan 26,568
43 joseph coda 19,142
44 Gary McCormack 6,580
45 David Bass 5,696
46 Chris Venables 301
47 Lance Peters 0
48 Todor Petrov 0
49 Ed Saunders 0
50 Mark Demmers 0

Saturday, 13 April 2013

WEC 2013 Days 29 and 30

Its close to the end of this year's World Erg Challenge and 50 ETT'ers have been erging away for a month. The finale is in sight.

Here are the current metres from our team mates:
It has been an awesome challenge keep on going we have two days left!

WEC 2013 Day 30 = 50 team mates = 13/147 teams = 6,661,248 metres

Thursday, 11 April 2013

WEC 2013 Day 28

Four weeks of 50 ETT'ers erging every day has sure paid off in metres, we hit the big six million yesterday and have clocked up an extra 200k today! Nice work team mates.

Only four more days of team competition left for this erging season. The next team challenge isn't until September 2013, so let's make the last few days count.

WEC 2013 Day 28 = 50 team mates = 13/147 teams = 6,209,561 metres 

The votes for the May Cross Team Challenge looks like this:

Dave P's suggestion of 5555 metres is currently the most popular choice.
Get your votes in by the weekend folks!

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

WEC 2013 Day 27

Dave P and Paul have made me quite jealous. In Australia and Hawaii its very, very sunny. In fact Dave P mentioned that he would like a bit of grey sky, cloud and rain!

With over 6 million metres in the bank we are doing very well in the rankings with Team Canada almost a million metres behind us. I'm not sure we will catch up with TimbukTWO who have rowed an additional 1,700,000 metres and are in 12th place.

We just need to focus on the next five days and make each day count.

What is your individual strategy in the last week of the WEC 2013? 
I aim to keep up the regularity of my erging put in some extra metres during the final straight of the challenge.

Keep on erging ETT'ers!

WEC 2013 Day 27 = 50 team mates = 13/147 teams = 6,003,218 metres

If you have not made a decision on the ETT May CTC please let me know by the end of the week.

3 votes = Joe S' mini pyramid - 1000m > 2 min r > 2000m > 2 min r > 1000m
3 votes = Craig W's pyramid - 500m > 30 sec r > 1000m > 60 sec r > 1500m >
90 sec r > 2000m > 120 sec r > 1500m > 90 sec r > 1000m > 60 sec r > 500m
8 votes = Dave P - 5555m
1 vote = Andy - 500m
2 votes = Caroline - 5 x 500m > 2 min r
4 votes = Chris V/ Mark B / Ric - sex / height / weight adjusted 2k

Let me know your first choice by either:

a) Blogging your preference in the comment box below
b) E-mailing me directly @ ett@oddpost.co.uk

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

WEC 2013 Day 26

Sorry about jinxing the weather after yesterday's mention of the 's' word. Let's hope we get some more sunshine soon.....

How are you doing in this years WEC?
Have you achieved any PB's or reached a goal during the competition?

We just need to keep those bodies moving for another six days.

WEC2013 Day 26 = 50 team mates = 13/147 teams = 5, 788,884 metres

Monday, 8 April 2013

WEC 2013 Day 25

Can you believe it's been 25 days into the World Erg Challenge?!
We have averaged about 200k a day, with an average individual contribution of 110k so far in the competition. Currently we are the only team who have erged over 5,600,000 metres with only 50 members in the team, this places us in the top 8% of world wide teams. If you rank us against teams in the 21-50 members we are in second place behind ANCIENTS.

Keep on rowing hard folks. The WEC finish line is 7 days away!

WEC 2013 Day 25 = 50 team mates = 13/147 teams = 5,621,598 metres

How is the weather where you are? 
Today was the first time in 2013 that I have worn my shorts for erging and left the window wide open - bring on the sunshine! 

Sunday, 7 April 2013

WEC 2013 Day 24

Eight days until WEC 2013 freedom. Its been a great challenge this year and we are still maintaining our 13th place and we are keeping the pesky Final Results Fitness team at bay!

Keep up the great work folks.

WEC 2013 Day 24 = 50 team mates = 13/147 teams = 5,475,339 metres

WEC 2013 Day 23

Over three weeks into the challenge and five million metres under our belts its time to turn it up a notch in the last nine days of competition.

These big hitters have really put in the metres - keep it up guys, you are making a huge difference!

1Richard YoungM35455,000
2Preston ZaleM58406,000
3Rob DruryM66319,009
4Beat EmchM53212,985
5Andy SoyringM53210,185
6John SilverbergM51201,604

WEC 2013 Day 23 = 50 team mates = 13/147 teams = 5,397,025 metres

Friday, 5 April 2013

WEC 2013 Days 21 and 22

I apologise for not blogging yesterday I have my brother, sister-in-law and two nephews staying and it was my duty for bedtime stories yesterday and with trips to the Natural History Museum, Kensington High Street and Regent's Park today I have only just squeezed a C2 session in!

We have maintained our 12th place position with 22 team mates in the 100k and over club!
Week four looks like we will be set for over three quarters of the team to hit the 100k target - keep up the excellent work people and well done for hitting 5 million metres today!

WEC 2013 Day 22 = 50 team mates = 12/147 teams = 5,066,000 metres

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

WEC 2013 Day 20 and Boat One floated in May CTC

Wahoo! With only three days into the May Cross Team Challenge we have floated boat one into the points rankings for the 639 metres set by the Gee Crew. Nice work to the eight ETT'ers who have given this a go so early in the month.

7 pts
Empty the Tanks I2:18.5
Bouke Dieleman (H) 2:01.0
Mike Bode (H) 2:14.0
Norman Haas (H) 2:15.7
Rob Drury (L) 2:17.3
Caroline Joynson (F) 2:44.5

20Empty the Tanks II2:25.9
Phil Nolan (H) 2:17.3
David Bass (H) 2:29.1
Leslie Fox (L) 2:31.3

Team mates have been punching in some big numbers for the 2013 WEC with Ric hitting the big 400k today. Nice one there mate! I think this has helped push us up to 12th place.
Almost half the team have rowed over 100k each which it pretty impressive stuff folks. Double Wahoooo!

WEC 2013 Day 20 = 50 team mates = 12/147 teams = 4,698,653 metres

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

WEC 2013 Day 19 and May CTC vote

In typical techno fashion the blogging gadget to collect the votes for the Cross Team Challenge crashed part way through the allocated voting time. As the blog host I was unable to amend or edit the voting gadget once the poll had gone 'live'. I was hoping that the problem would rectify itself but it didn't! Sorry : (

Bouke and Dave P noticed that the voting poll had not included their choices so I had to go old-skool and add their choices to the existing scores.

If you missed the poll please add your first choice preference by one of the following ways:

a) Blog your preference in the comment box below
b) E-mail me directly @ ett@oddpost.co.uk

The vote so far:

Dave P's 5555 metres is number one, followed by the sex/height/weight adjusted 2k

3 votes = Joe S' mini pyramid - 1000m > 2 min r > 2000m > 2 min r > 1000m
3 votes = Craig W's pyramid - 500m > 30 sec r > 1000m > 60 sec r > 1500m >
90 sec r > 2000m > 120 sec r > 1500m > 90 sec r > 1000m > 60 sec r > 500m
8 votes = Dave P - 5555m
1 vote = Andy - 500m
1 vote = Caroline - 5 x 500m > 2 min r
4 votes = Chris V/ Mark B / Ric - sex / height / weight adjusted 2k

I would like to get the final vote by the end of the week.

In the World Erg Challenge we are still holding onto 13th place and we have an impressive number
of team mates who have reached the 100k club! If you compare us with other similar sized teams 
we are in second place. Excellent work people.

1 Richard Young 365,000
2 Preston Zale 316,100
3 Rob Drury 261,360
4 Beat Emch 202,018
5 Andy Soyring 173,758
6 John Silverberg 158,921
7 Esa Lahnakoski 157,802
8 John Digweed 153,555
9 Leslie Fox 151,237
10 hector m guerrero villa 150,173
11 Paul Merhib 148,500
12 David Marlar 127,601
13 Norman Haas 124,125
14 Mike Pohl 119,342
15 Phil Nolan 116,899
16 Mike Schnell 112,195
17 Mike Bode 110,013
18 Bouke Dieleman 107,387
19 Caroline Joynson 102,205
20 Mark Kaehler 101,664
21 Shawn Kenaley 101,159

WEC 2013 Day 19 = 50 team mates = 13/146 teams = 4,458,808 metres

Monday, 1 April 2013

WEC 2013 Day 18, April CTC & C2 Challenge Series Round Seven

It's no April Fool that we have more hard work this month in the shape of the following sessions:

April CTC

This months Cross Team Challenge has been set by the Gee Crew and it is a straight forward 639 metres no rate restrictions.

Let's see if we can get an elusive sixth boat in the rankings this month. In the March CTC we had our best ever participation with 28 team mates taking part with five boats in the points rankings. Excellent work folks!

C2 Challenge Series Round Seven

Round seven of the C2 Challenge Series is the Boat Race (Oxford / Cambridge Thames) record of 16 minutes 19 seconds.

Good luck with these events folks : )

WEC Day 18 = 50 team mates = 13/146 teams = 4,203,842 metres