Saturday, 23 March 2013

WEC 2013 Days Eight and Nine and a new team mate!

First I apologise for not updating the blog yesterday I was entertaining the girls with a chilli night which  kept me busy cooking, cleaning and hosting the evening.

Unbelievably in my one-day hiatus in blogging we have slipped down the rankings into 12th place out of 130 teams : (

On a positive note we have cleared over two million metres today!

Team mates who have rowed over 50k in week one; including new team mate Rob K, 53 from the UK.
Welcome to ETT Rob, we look forward to rowing with you during the WEC.

1Richard YoungM35215,000
2Preston ZaleM58150,750
3Rob DruryM65147,004
4Esa LahnakoskiM61129,351
5Leslie FoxM63111,237
6Beat EmchM53100,278
7Andy SoyringM5392,327
8John SilverbergM5186,414
9Mike PohlM4381,226
10Mike SchnellM3977,195
11David MarlarM5676,504
12Bouke DielemanM5263,229
13hector m guerrero villaM5060,079
14Robert KubathM5356,522
15Phil NolanM5455,707
16John DigweedM4652,144
17Caroline JoynsonF4050,415

WEC 2013 Day nine = 45 team mates = 12/130 teams = 2,200,116 metres

What is fuelling your work-outs during the WEC?

I am really into spicy sweet potato wedges at the moment.
Cut sweet potatoes into bite-size chunks, place on a baking tray then sprinkle generously with salt, pepper and a teaspoon of smoked paprika and chilli powder. Bake until golden. Yummy!

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