Saturday, 30 March 2013

WEC 2013 Days 15 and 16

Hope you all had a lovely Good Friday holiday. Chris and I had a relaxing day chilling out and then working out.

After the high of our top ten position earlier in the week we have now slipped into 13th place out of 140 teams with Rockwell Collins Rec Center team ahead of us and Team Canada hot on our tails.

Keep up the great work people and maybe we can climb back up to a top ten slot next week

WEC 2013 Day 16 = 49 team mates = 13/140 teams = 3,817,900 metres


  1. Checking out the banner for CTC made me wonder: is there an Empty The Tanks logo?

  2. Hi Caroline,
    Your voting-machine is probably suffering from a bug; days ago I voted for one particular distance and this one has a 0% score untill now (?!).
    By the way, I also like Dave's proposition.
    Kind regards, Bouke

  3. Hi,
    regarding the ETT logo it is always something of a 'back-burner' project that I think I will do when I get a bit of time to myself which regularly doesn't happen.
    I will try to get something together this summer as I definitely think we need a cool logo!