Saturday, 16 March 2013

WEC 2013 Day Two

Two days into the WEC and we are still in the top ten slot with a decent opening of 364,864 metres. Ric is at the top of the team with an impressive 50k, closely followed by Mike and Rob D with over 40k each.

WEC 2013 Day Two =  36 team mates = 10/85 teams = 364,864 metres

During the World Erg Challenge I am looking for team mates who would like to do a guest post on the blog. I am aiming for a different team mate each week of the challenge to blog once or twice during that week.
You can blog about how the team is doing and help motivate us to improve our times / metres.
If you are interested please e-mail me / put a comment on the blog and I will give you further details;


  1. Diggy here, I will probably not join this challenge as I only have the next 2 weeks to contribute metres and then will be travelling visiting 3 mine sites all over 4000m altitude - not fun !. So my support is to say "Come on, Empty the Tanks, sweat and work hard and make us all proud" !

  2. Thanks Diggy have fun visiting those mine sites over 4000m in altitude : )
    Cheers for letting us know.