Tuesday, 19 March 2013

WEC 2013 Day Five

We have erged over 1,000,000 metres and Ric is the first ETT'er to hit the 100k club in five days - nice work there Ric!

We are still in 9th place and have 38 team mates signed up for the challenge. Keep erging hard folks we are in it for the long haul.

WEC 2013 Day Five = 38 team mates = 9/114 teams = 1,057,891 metres

What is on your ipod / stereo / radio to motivate you during these epic WEC work outs?


  1. http://www.esa9050.blogspot.com/ has my playlist !

  2. Nice one Esa - I have put a link to your blog in the 'Useful links' section of my blog on the right hand side : )

  3. I've had the Sharpe TV series on YouTube as a distraction. Only problem is I've run out of episodes now!