Sunday, 31 March 2013

Easter Sunday WEC 2013 Day 17

What a day! We had blue skies and sunshine in the UK for the first time this year, British summertime officially began, Oxford beat Cambridge in the boat race and it was the final day of the March Madness individual challenge!
 The following team mates completed 25 days or more of either 2.5k for adaptive, 5k or 10k in the month of March:

Matthew Brewster41 Plymouth Devon GBR Empty the Tanks LTA 31
Beat Emch53 Bellach/SO  CHE Empty the Tanks  29
Leslie Fox63 Darlington  GBR Empty the Tanks  27
Karine Girod39 Jarnioux  FRA Empty the Tanks  25
hector m guerrero villa50 Escobedo NL MEX Empty the Tanks  27
Caroline Joynson40 London  GBR Empty the Tanks  29
Mark Kaehler58 Mercer Island WA USA Empty the Tanks  24
Mike Schnell39  MI USA Empty the Tanks  26
Joseph Smyntek32 Royal Oak MI USA Empty the Tanks  26
Andy Soyring53 Chicago IL USA Empty the Tanks  30
Richard Young35 York  GBR Empty the Tanks  25

We have rowed over 4 million metres in the past 17 days and we have maintained our 13th place position.

WEC 2013 Day 17 = 49 team mates = 13/144 teams = 4,128,083 metres

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