Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Are you ready?

On Friday 15th March until 15th April the final team challenge of the 2013 season will take place. This is our chance to show everybody what energy, power and endurance we have stored in the tanks.

You can sign up for the World Erg Challenge by clicking the 'Teams' tab on your online logbook and clicking to join the WEC. We have lots of regular ETT'ers already signed up and raring to go, including some new faces too!

Welcome to three brand, spanking new team mates; Paul M, 57, from USA, Mark D, 31 from the U.S. Navy and Andy J, 45 from the UK.

1 Andy Soyring
2 Mark Bower
3 Bouke Dieleman
4 Mike Pohl
5 Salvador Hinojosa
6 Leslie Fox
7 Matthew Brewster
8 Mike Schnell
9 Dave Pongracz
10 Phil Nolan
11 Lance Peters
12 Caroline Joynson
13 Mike Bode
14 Rob Drury
15 Todor Petrov
16 hector m guerrero villa
17 Karine Girod
18 Richard Young
19 Bill St.Louis
20 David Marlar
21 Joseph Smyntek
22 Claire Nolan
23 Paul Merhib
24 Mike Fogel
25 John Silverberg
26 Mark Demmers
27 Mark Kaehler
28 Andy Jones

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