Sunday, 31 March 2013

Easter Sunday WEC 2013 Day 17

What a day! We had blue skies and sunshine in the UK for the first time this year, British summertime officially began, Oxford beat Cambridge in the boat race and it was the final day of the March Madness individual challenge!
 The following team mates completed 25 days or more of either 2.5k for adaptive, 5k or 10k in the month of March:

Matthew Brewster41 Plymouth Devon GBR Empty the Tanks LTA 31
Beat Emch53 Bellach/SO  CHE Empty the Tanks  29
Leslie Fox63 Darlington  GBR Empty the Tanks  27
Karine Girod39 Jarnioux  FRA Empty the Tanks  25
hector m guerrero villa50 Escobedo NL MEX Empty the Tanks  27
Caroline Joynson40 London  GBR Empty the Tanks  29
Mark Kaehler58 Mercer Island WA USA Empty the Tanks  24
Mike Schnell39  MI USA Empty the Tanks  26
Joseph Smyntek32 Royal Oak MI USA Empty the Tanks  26
Andy Soyring53 Chicago IL USA Empty the Tanks  30
Richard Young35 York  GBR Empty the Tanks  25

We have rowed over 4 million metres in the past 17 days and we have maintained our 13th place position.

WEC 2013 Day 17 = 49 team mates = 13/144 teams = 4,128,083 metres

Saturday, 30 March 2013

WEC 2013 Days 15 and 16

Hope you all had a lovely Good Friday holiday. Chris and I had a relaxing day chilling out and then working out.

After the high of our top ten position earlier in the week we have now slipped into 13th place out of 140 teams with Rockwell Collins Rec Center team ahead of us and Team Canada hot on our tails.

Keep up the great work people and maybe we can climb back up to a top ten slot next week

WEC 2013 Day 16 = 49 team mates = 13/140 teams = 3,817,900 metres

Thursday, 28 March 2013

WEC 2013 Days 13 and 14

The top 15 team mates are all in the 100k club and we have also some extremely hard-working and also some slightly crazy team mates who are in the more exclusive 200k and even 300k club!

1 Richard Young 325,000
2 Preston Zale 239,525
3 Rob Drury 201,006
4 Esa Lahnakoski 157,802
5 Leslie Fox 151,237
6 Beat Emch 150,612
7 Andy Soyring 143,060
8 Mike Pohl 119,342
9 John Silverberg 114,510
10 hector m guerrero villa 110,127
11 Mike Schnell 107,195
12 John Digweed 103,764
13 Shawn Kenaley 101,159
14 Norman Haas 100,402
15 Paul Merhib 100,000

We have erged our way back up to 10th place out of 137 teams which is all down to the hard work of all 43 ETT'ers who have contributed metres to the challenge.

As Easter fast approaches you don't need to avoid over-indulging in your Easter Sunday meal, Simnel cake, hot cross buns, Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies; see it as rocket fuel for the next 18 days worth of erging madness that is the WEC 2013!

We can do this team mates! eat Easter eggs; then erg..... or erg and then eat Easter eggs, whatever works for you......

WEC 2013 Day 14 = 47 team mates = 10/137 teams = 3,448,730 metres

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

WEC 2013 Day 12 and a new team mate!

  • Has the daily discipline of erging delirium got to you over the past dozen days?
  • Or are you dizzy with delight over the dutiful drill of delectable erging distances?

I have to be honest and say I swing from one to another depending on the type of day I have had at work.

We have been joined by a new member to the team, Shawn K, 36 from the USA who has erged his way into the top 15 with over 80k. Welcome to the team Shawn!

WEC Day 12 = 47 team mates = 12/134 teams = 2,970,038 metres   

Monday, 25 March 2013

WEC 2013 Day 11

The top ten team mates are tearing away with some impressive numbers!

1 Richard Young 240,000
2 Preston Zale 163,400
3 Esa Lahnakoski 157,802
4 Rob Drury 147,004
5 Leslie Fox 126,237
6 Beat Emch 120,536
7 Andy Soyring 112,522
8 Mike Schnell 92,195
9 David Marlar 86,504
10 John Silverberg 86,414

WEC 2013 Day 11 = 38 team mates = 12/132 teams = 2,532,310 metres

Sunday, 24 March 2013

WEC 2013 Day Ten

Ten days into the challenge and we have clocked up over 2,300,000 metres and are in 12th place out of  130 teams. As a team we are rowing an average of 230k a day with a number of team mates contributing big numbers each day (Ric, Esa, Preston, Rob, Leslie, Beat and Andy S).

Don't forget to vote for the May CTC on the right hand side of the blog!

Keep up the great work people.

WEC 2013 Day ten = 45 team mates = 12/130 teams = 2,366,357 metres 

ETT May CTC vote

On the right hand side of the blog you can vote for the May Cross Team Challenge.
You have two votes and I will see which are the most popular in the next week or so.
We will then have a final vote for the CTC in the middle of April.

Ric just alerted me to a typo in Craig's pyramid session - it should be 1500 metres in the second set NOT 15000 metres as I have entered! Sorry Craig : (

Saturday, 23 March 2013

WEC 2013 Days Eight and Nine and a new team mate!

First I apologise for not updating the blog yesterday I was entertaining the girls with a chilli night which  kept me busy cooking, cleaning and hosting the evening.

Unbelievably in my one-day hiatus in blogging we have slipped down the rankings into 12th place out of 130 teams : (

On a positive note we have cleared over two million metres today!

Team mates who have rowed over 50k in week one; including new team mate Rob K, 53 from the UK.
Welcome to ETT Rob, we look forward to rowing with you during the WEC.

1Richard YoungM35215,000
2Preston ZaleM58150,750
3Rob DruryM65147,004
4Esa LahnakoskiM61129,351
5Leslie FoxM63111,237
6Beat EmchM53100,278
7Andy SoyringM5392,327
8John SilverbergM5186,414
9Mike PohlM4381,226
10Mike SchnellM3977,195
11David MarlarM5676,504
12Bouke DielemanM5263,229
13hector m guerrero villaM5060,079
14Robert KubathM5356,522
15Phil NolanM5455,707
16John DigweedM4652,144
17Caroline JoynsonF4050,415

WEC 2013 Day nine = 45 team mates = 12/130 teams = 2,200,116 metres

What is fuelling your work-outs during the WEC?

I am really into spicy sweet potato wedges at the moment.
Cut sweet potatoes into bite-size chunks, place on a baking tray then sprinkle generously with salt, pepper and a teaspoon of smoked paprika and chilli powder. Bake until golden. Yummy!

Thursday, 21 March 2013

WEC 2013 Day Seven

We have maintained our top ten position for a week now let's kick it up a notch so those pesky Final Results Fitness team and Team Canada don't catch us!

A record five boats floated in the March CTC!

For the first time in ETT history we have floated five boats in the points rankings since our participation in Cross Team Challenges from 2009.

A big thank you goes out to the 25 team mates who have made this epic event happen. There are still ten days left to get boat six floated too!

31 pts
Empty the Tanks I3:07.7
Mark Bower (H) 2:53.4
Joseph Smyntek (H) 2:56.9
Richard Young (H) 2:57.9
Chris Wheatley (L) 2:59.2
Caroline Joynson (F) 3:52.1

25 pts
Empty the Tanks II3:13.5
Beat Emch (H) 2:58.3
Dave Pongracz (H) 2:59.0
Bouke Dieleman (H) 3:03.5
Rob Drury (L) 3:12.8
Karen Venables (F) 3:53.9

16 pts
Empty the Tanks III3:23.4
John Giles (H) 3:10.0
Andy Soyring (H) 3:15.7
Norman Haas (H) 3:17.0
Mike Schnell (L)
Karen Bower (F) 3:54.4

10 pts
Empty the Tanks IV3:37.5
edward jackson (H) 3:19.6
Phil Nolan (H) 3:23.9
Richard (Neil) Marston (H) 3:29.9
Leslie Fox (L) 3:47.9
ZMEC (F) 4:06.8

3 pts
Empty the Tanks V4:09.3
Salvador Hinojosa (H) 3:40.9
Mark Kaehler (H) 3:48.2
David Bass (H) 3:51.2
Diggy (L) 3:48.7
Claire Nolan (F) 5:37.5

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

WEC 2013 Day Six

Still in 9th place people! Keep on erging!

WEC 2013 Day six = 38 team mates = 9/119 teams = 1,324,558 metres

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

WEC 2013 Day Five

We have erged over 1,000,000 metres and Ric is the first ETT'er to hit the 100k club in five days - nice work there Ric!

We are still in 9th place and have 38 team mates signed up for the challenge. Keep erging hard folks we are in it for the long haul.

WEC 2013 Day Five = 38 team mates = 9/114 teams = 1,057,891 metres

What is on your ipod / stereo / radio to motivate you during these epic WEC work outs?

Monday, 18 March 2013

WEC 2013 Day Four

Yahooo! We have worked our way up into 9th place today - nice work team mates. We have to watch out for Team Canada who are very close to our erg sliders!

If you compare ourselves to similar sized teams (21-50 members) we are in third place.

Keep up the excellent work team mates.
Check out the top ten:

1 Richard Young 81,000
2 Mike Schnell 57,195
3 Leslie Fox 46,000
4 Mike Pohl 42,194
5 Andy Soyring 41,381
6 Rob Drury 40,001
7 Preston Zale 37,525
8 John Silverberg 35,702
9 Fred Rogers 28,640
10 Phil Nolan 27,846

WEC 2013 Day Four = 38 team mates = 9/105 teams = 752,313 metres

Sunday, 17 March 2013

WEC 2013 Day Three

Day three and we are still in the top ten which is excellent news ETT'ers!
Ric is still at the top of the team with 66k and we have 37 team mates signed up to the competition with 29 team mates contributing metres.

Keep up the great work - row hard!

WEC2013 Day three = 37 team mates = 10/91 teams = 537,932 metres

Saturday, 16 March 2013

WEC 2013 Day Two

Two days into the WEC and we are still in the top ten slot with a decent opening of 364,864 metres. Ric is at the top of the team with an impressive 50k, closely followed by Mike and Rob D with over 40k each.

WEC 2013 Day Two =  36 team mates = 10/85 teams = 364,864 metres

During the World Erg Challenge I am looking for team mates who would like to do a guest post on the blog. I am aiming for a different team mate each week of the challenge to blog once or twice during that week.
You can blog about how the team is doing and help motivate us to improve our times / metres.
If you are interested please e-mail me / put a comment on the blog and I will give you further details;

Friday, 15 March 2013

WEC 2013 Day One

Let's start as we mean to go on.
WEC 2013 day one = 34 team mates = 7/63 teams = 176,562 metres
Keep up the hard work.
Well done to Mike S today who has erged a marathon distance (42,195m) and Ric with over 37k.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Marching to the top

On the eve of the WEC we have surpassed expectations by floating four boats in the March Cross Team Challenge. Even more impressively we have achieved this tremendous feat in just two weeks; which leaves us with plenty of time to float boats five and six in the next fourteen days!

Keep up the fantastic work ETT'ers!

26 pts
Empty the Tanks I3:07.7
Mark Bower (H)
Joseph Smyntek (H)
Richard Young (H)
Chris Wheatley (L)
Caroline Joynson (F)

20 pts
Empty the Tanks II3:15.7
Beat Emch (H)
Bouke Dieleman (H)
John Giles (H)
Rob Drury (L)
Karen Venables (F)

12 pts
Empty the Tanks III3:27.7
Andy Soyring (H)
Phil Nolan (H)
edward jackson (H)
Mike Schnell (L)
Karen Bower (F)

7 pts
Empty the Tanks IV3:46.6
Richard (Neil) Marston (H)
Salvador Hinojosa (H)
Mark Kaehler (H)
Leslie Fox (L)

56Empty the Tanks V5:37.5
Claire Nolan (F) 

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Are you ready?

On Friday 15th March until 15th April the final team challenge of the 2013 season will take place. This is our chance to show everybody what energy, power and endurance we have stored in the tanks.

You can sign up for the World Erg Challenge by clicking the 'Teams' tab on your online logbook and clicking to join the WEC. We have lots of regular ETT'ers already signed up and raring to go, including some new faces too!

Welcome to three brand, spanking new team mates; Paul M, 57, from USA, Mark D, 31 from the U.S. Navy and Andy J, 45 from the UK.

1 Andy Soyring
2 Mark Bower
3 Bouke Dieleman
4 Mike Pohl
5 Salvador Hinojosa
6 Leslie Fox
7 Matthew Brewster
8 Mike Schnell
9 Dave Pongracz
10 Phil Nolan
11 Lance Peters
12 Caroline Joynson
13 Mike Bode
14 Rob Drury
15 Todor Petrov
16 hector m guerrero villa
17 Karine Girod
18 Richard Young
19 Bill St.Louis
20 David Marlar
21 Joseph Smyntek
22 Claire Nolan
23 Paul Merhib
24 Mike Fogel
25 John Silverberg
26 Mark Demmers
27 Mark Kaehler
28 Andy Jones

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Three boats floated in March CTC!

Fantastic news everybody, three boats are floated the points rankings in this month's Cross Team Challenge of 920 metres.

A number of our new team mates have participated, including Chris W who has erged his way onto boat number one!

Now we have an influx of ladies in the CTC with five distributed between three boats - now we need eight male team mates to step up to the 920 metres challenge so we can float five boats.

Its nice to see Karen B and Claire N back in the competition - great work on this month's session!

20 pts
Empty the Tanks I3:08.3
Mark Bower (H) 2:53.4
Richard Young (H) 2:57.2
Joseph Smyntek (H) 2:59.7
Chris Wheatley (L) 2:59.2
Caroline Joynson (F) 3:52.1

10 pts
Empty the Tanks II3:27.0
Bouke Dieleman (H) 3:03.5
Phil Nolan (H) 3:23.9
Salvador Hinojosa (H) 3:40.9
Rob Drury (L) 3:12.8
Karen Venables (F) 3:53.9

2 pts
Empty the Tanks III4:19.2
Mark Kaehler (H) 3:58.5
Leslie Fox (L) 3:47.5
Karen Bower (F) 3:54.4
ZMEC (F) 4:06.8
Claire Nolan (F) 5:49.2