Monday, 25 February 2013

Women wanted!

Calling out to the lovely ladies in the team to join in this months 30 minute Cross Team Challenge.

Kim B, Jacqui L, Teodora P, Claire N, Karine G, Liz H, Victoria B and Suzanne L all regularly contribute to the team challenges so let's make February 2013 our best ever CTC by uploading a time for a 30 minute erg session.

The men have been out in force with big thanks to recent uploads from Mark, Ric, Ed, Chris V, Mike, Phil V and Phil N we now have six boats partially full.

If three female ETT'ers uploaded times by the end of Thursday 28th February we could have five boats in the points rankings... Come on ladies, we can do it!


  1. I'm trying to convince Karen to have a go! Ric and I did it today, our first attempt at anything since sometime last year (I think). It was also only my 3rd workout of February (the other 2 being gentle 2km and 10mins). I knew I couldn't catch Beat (storming time by the way!), but I'm pleased with what I got despite being someway off my PB.

    With all my heart/stomach issues that's the first time I've really tried hard on a piece in some months, and I had no heart problems at all!! Maybe I'm finally getting back to normal? The beta blockers certainly seem to help, although they do lower my heart rate (which doesn't seem to affect my aerobic capacity too much).

  2. Glad to have you back Mark.
    I noticed both you and Ric had erged your way into the top boat - like the good old times!
    Nice to hear that you are feeling better and your heart / stomach issues are getting back to normal.
    Keep trying to convince Karen - it would be fab to get five boats in the rankings.....

  3. I know it's no good compared to the 'big boys' but I beat my 30 min PB by just over 200m last night so was very pleased. Especially as I only started in November and only manage once or twice a week. Fingers crossed we get some more ladies to join in! :)

  4. Nice one Ed!
    Sounds like a great time to me - you are doing very well indeed!
    Yeah, let's some ladies get on the C2 in the next few days : )

  5. Yes, GREAT WORK TO ALL! It's awesome seeing so many ETT'ers on the board. I told my wife that when I finally get my own C2 (I currently row at the gym) that she's going to be rowing away with the rest of us! I'm hoping to give one last effort on the 28th to try to get back up to Boat-1.


  6. Go for it Joe!
    I'm liking the sound of you encouraging your lovely wife to join in when you get your own C2.

  7. Well done ETT'ers amazing work indeed and congratulations to those who have contributed to the CTC this month. Hopefully we'll get a couple more ladies on board to help us fill the other boats.

    Apologies for not been able to contribute to the current CTC. I've spent most of this month away from home (and therefore my rowing machine) due to work and other commitments. And i also have a couple of niggling injuries! Hopefully next month!

    Once again .... well done ETT'ers :)

    Dave P