Tuesday, 5 February 2013

May CTC ideas

We have had a great range of suggestions for the May Cross Team Challenge:

Craig W's Interval Pyramid with variable rests

500m 30 secs r
1000m 60 secs r
1500m 90 secs r
2000m 120 secs r
1500m 90 secs r
1000m 60 secs r
500m 30 secs r

Total 8000 metres (32 mins at 2.00/500m splits) (7.30 rest or recovery row at slow pace between intervals)
Total workout time approx 40 mins

Dave P suggested a row that was short, sharp, quirky and not too complicated!

Joe S' Mini Pyramid 1000m > 2min rest > 2000m > 2min rest > 1000m

Dave P, Norman and Esa all suggested a half marathon (21,097 metres) but it is too long a distance according to 'unofficial' CTC rules.

Caroline's ideas 

ETT were ranked in the top 5% of teams for the JVTC, May is the fifth month of the year, so how about some ideas based around the number five?
  • 5 x 500 metres with 2 minute rests
  • 5 minute blast
  • 5 x 1 minute with 1 minute rests
  • 500m > 400m > 300m > 200m > 100m with 2 minute rests

Something based on a Star Wars theme?! May the fourth be with you....
7 films, R2D2, CP30, one Death Star ..... There is something we could work with here...

7 mins > 5 mins > 4 mins > 3 mins > 2 mins > 1 min with 1 min rests

Lots of things to think about and we have been given plenty of notice to sort it out.
Keep the ideas coming....


  1. Hi Caroline, i like a couple of your ideas but if we are to feature the number 5 then i would like to offer some quirky variations to these which are;

    Variation 1:
    5 x 555m x 2:13 rest
    (there will be a temptation to row these pieces at 500m pace. A rest period of 2:13 is for the year 2013)

    Variation 2:
    5 x 55 seconds rowing x 55 seconds rest

    Or Another Idea:
    A straight 5555 meter piece

    Dave P

  2. Another idea that relates to our results from the JVTC - a 4437m row! This is the average meters rowed per day per team member throughout the challenge.

    i.e. 7,565,218 (JVTC team total) divided by 55 (number of team members registered) divided by 31 (number of days) equals 4437m!

    This could be rowed as a straight piece or we could divide it into five intervals to feature the number five

    Just a thought!

    Dave P

  3. Thanks Caroline, after checking on my monitor last night i've realised that you can't have a rest period of 2:13, it would have to be 2:10 or 2:15 or we could simply call it 2:00.

    As for the longer distances either 5555m or 4437m we can either have these at set pieces (no intervals) or we can divide it into five intervals to continue our theme around the number five. I thought that if we do introduce intervals, the rest period could be for 2:00 minutes and interval distance can be decided by the rower 'anyway you want to cut it' but with the rule that five 2:00 minute rest periods need to be taken within the piece.

    These are just my thoughts anyway .... i'm really happy for others to expand on these ideas or offer variances so we come up with a collective idea.

    I've also done a google search on 'excruciating erg rowing workouts' there's some real killers there if we want to be really mean:)

    Regards Dave P

  4. I'm in terrible shape at the moment, so suggest 1x500m!


  5. Ha - good one Andy! I like it!