Saturday, 9 February 2013

Gold in Detroit!

Joe Smyntek competed in his first ever competition at the Detroit Motown Madness indoor rowing championships today.

He not only pulled in an impressive personal best time of 06:55.5 but also came first in his category!

What a fantastic achievement Joe. Congratulations on your Gold medal from all Empty the Tanks team mates!

Tell us all about it Joe, how did it feel?


  1. Thanks for the post!

    I will admit I have been apprehensive the past few days as I have never competed in an event like this and this was the first competition of any kind in years.

    Fortunately, another competitor left his house at the exact same time I did and I followed him the whole way to the event! It turns out that this guy (Steve) lives about 8 houses down the street from mine. It was a big relief to have someone show me around and explain things to me.

    I got checked-in and examined the boards and found there were 5 other people in my class (Masters 30-39) and that I had the fastest ranking time of the group so that gave me a bit of confidence.

    My group was the second race of the event so I warmed up real quick and shook the butterflies out of my system.

    As for the race, I wasn't very happy with my start and only managed around 1:44 for the 1st 500 (My goal was sub 1:43). Another contender managed to get out ahead of me by over 60-meters but I reeled him in quickly over the next 500. I then pulled away over the last 1000 and won with little pressure. Besides the first 500, I was really happy with my race and as always, I feel I can still make a big improvement.

    I have to say that the atmosphere of the event was great and I learned quite a bit about rowing and will be making some changes to my technique. I also think I am going to sign up for the Detroit Boat Club's Learn-to-Row program this summer and see what it's like on the water.

    Once again, thanks to Caroline and all the ETT'rs for inspiring and motivating me over these past 11-months!

  2. Thanks for the write up Joe - what a day. You certainly deserve to have a good rest tomorrow and bask in the glory of your first competition AND gold medal!
    Looking forward to hearing about your on-water rowing adventures this summer.