Saturday, 23 February 2013

Frank keeps fit on the rowing machine

Chris and I noticed Frank, the main character from the Netflix TV series House of Cards working out in his rowing machine. The machine was of the water variety rather than a C2 and he had it set up in his basement. I would recommend watching the House of Cards starring Kevin Spacey if you get a chance.

Where do you do your workouts? Is it in the local gym, spare room, garage or attic?

Chris and I have set up the spare bedroom as a gym. We installed black rubber flooring on Tuesday to reduce noise and protect the woo floor. Next to the C2 there is an area for stretching, weights and Chris' turbo trainer.


  1. Caroline, I notice you have one of the "air socks" for want of a better description to blowing the hard earned air back at you, do they work ? It was 30C in the guests bedroom where I rowed today !

  2. Hi Diggy - yes the C Breeze as it is known works pretty well - you can position it to sort of blow towards your torso. Its great on a hot day, but I keep mine on all year around.
    Here is a link to the place I got mine from:

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