Sunday, 3 February 2013

February Challenges

So for those of you who are missing the buzz of the JVTC there are a range of challenges to get involved in this month:

Cross Team Challenge

February's row has been set by the Independent team and is a simple, straight forward thirty minute session with no stroke rate restrictions.

Exciting news folks - we have been selected to choose the May Cross Team Challenge so get your thinking caps on about what we should do.

Read about the CTC on the C2 Forum here:

Also on February 14th row 1402 metres in memory of Carole Mac one day memorial challenge. Read more about Carol Mac on the CTC forum thread too.

C2 Challenge Series

This round is the classic indoor race distance of 2,500 metres. Watch the link where all is explained:

Valentine's Challenge

Row 14k between the 9th February and the 14th February and get the chance to download a C2 inspired Valentines Day card for that special somebody!


  1. Congratulations on being chosen for the May CTC. My idea for it could be considered a bit crazy and potentially unpopular but i'll put it out there anyway.

    Why not 'Empty the Tanks' with a half marathon? It will really challenge the boundaries of mental and physical endurance and stamina.

    It also coincides with the May Global Marathon challenge so this could be a double incentive to get more people on board!

    But any way i prefer the longer distances so maybe i'm biased but i thought i'd put my thoughts out there anyway.

    If not that then something short, sharp, nasty and a bit quirky always seems to prove popular!

    Cheers Dave P

  2. As a distance guy myself, I'll second Dave P's motion. A half-marathon challenge will get all of us peaking for summer.

  3. I like the half marathon idea :)

  4. Hi Dave P, Norman, and Esa:
    Sorry to put a damper on this idea so early on but there are some 'unofficial rules' about the CTC session that the distance / time should really take no longer than 50 minutes or so - its supposed to be a session people could fit into their lunch hour.

    The last ETT CTC we chose a 'half, half marathon' and they accepted it, but said it was very close to the border of being too long a distance....

    Any other ideas folks?

  5. That's a pity but ok! I'll give it some more thought over the next couple of days. Maybe something that is short, sharp, nasty and a bit quirky (but not complicated)? Something that wouldn't be part of a normal training regime to generate interest?

    I'm interested to hear others thoughts, maybe we can build on each others ideas and come up with a collective thought for the challenge? All the best Dave P

  6. How about something like this:

    1000m, 2min rest, 2000m, 2min rest, 1000m

    That seems easy to understand, yet will make for a tough workout.

  7. I like the concept of interval pyramid traing so give some thought to this:-

    500 metres / 30 secs rest
    1000 metres / 60 secs rest
    1500 metres / 90 secs rest
    2000 metres / 120 secs rest
    1500 metres / 90 secs rest
    1000 meters / 60 secs rest
    500 metres / 30 secs rest

    Total 8000 metres (32 mins at 2.00/500m splits) (7.30 rest or recovery row at slow pace between intervals)

    total workout time approx 40 mins..

    Not sure how you would program that into PM4 however..

    Craig W

  8. I am liking these ideas folks; keep them rolling.